Pet hotels spring up as a possible solution for Chuseok travelers with furry fri

Chuseok travelers with four-legged friends
often face a conundrum at this time of year,… namely what to do with pets while you′re
away. Our Kim Ji-yeon offers a possible solution.
It′s the time of year when Koreans pack a travel bag and go long distances to visit
family living in remote places. Some are using this year′s Chuseok, or Korean
Thanksgiving holiday, to go abroad. But what to do with your pets while you enjoy
some well-deserved leisure time? A growing number of pet hotels have popped
up in recent years, like this one in downtown Seoul that costs around 30 to 40 dollars for
a night′s stay… and a little extra for special treatment. “These guys can enjoy a facial or massage
and get groomed while they wait for their owners to retrieve them,… a slice of heaven
on earth.” The pet hotel can accommodate up to one-hundred
dogs and cats at any one time. Due to the popularity of the service, the
pet hotel says it earns more than 490-thousand dollars a year.
And don′t worry if the pet gets sick; veterinarians are on stand-by, 24 hours a day. “We had been veterinarians for 10 years…
but decided to make room for a pet hotel due to demand from people who wanted a safe and
trustworthy place to leave their pets for a few days.”
The pet hotel advises owners to make reservations a month ahead of time due to the rising popularity
of the service. Kim Ji-yeon, Arirang News.

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