Pet grooming, boarding questions

this video from a West Houston pet store went viral back in February it shows a groomer getting rough with a small dog the groomer was fired but the video raised a lot of questions about training and about oversight of pet service professionals tonight channel 2 Sara Don she explains the questions to ask when taking your pet in for grooming and she’s hearing from industry insiders who say all those extra services they offer might not be worth the money [Music] Pamela McCallum loves her daughter’s dog Chloe as if she were her own that’s why she was horrified when she learned the pup had been injured during a recent trip to the groomers her whole Duke McGowan says they weren’t told what happened until they picked Chloe up they just put surgical glue on top of it in another case mark Rooney says his six year old Shih Tzu Dylan was stabbed in the eye during a recent grooming visit and the vet flat-out told us that it looked like he was stabbed with a sharp object Petco apologized and paid for the vet bill but refused to pay for pain and suffering calling it an accident Texas does not regulate or oversee the sight of the pet industry if I saw someone that was cut and glued I probably wouldn’t go there I mean that’s just that’s pretty bad Tammy Cole Burson has been in the grooming business for the past 18 years I do it because I love the pets Tammy says everyone at her pet salon has gone to school to be a groomer but she knows not everyone in the industry does I think people that get in this field do it for the love of animals it’s not for the money but Tammy reveals you do have to make sure you’re not paying for more than you need for any particular service especially in the boarding world we advertise that all of our kennel technicians are certified and they’re highly trained they’re not Olivia used to work at a pet boarding business she says she quit because the company was misleading customers they need to know that they’re not getting what they pay for it all Olivia says sometimes boarding facilities offer more expensive packages for more playtime and potty breaks she says don’t waste your money they should take them out enough that they don’t have to pay for the extra and Tammi recommends your animals stay in its own kennel it’s just too dangerous I wouldn’t want my dog around another dog Tammy says once you find a place you’re comfortable with stick with it look for a place that has high customer satisfaction and low turnover in staff on we’ve posted ways to search for certified groomers Sarah Don Chee KPRC channel 2 news

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