Pet Friendly Plants for Your Home

it seems like all the popular
houseplants nowadays aren’t safe for cats and dogs today I’m gonna share with
you a few of my favorite houseplants that are going to be cat and dogs safe
for your homes I am going to have a more detailed blog post on my cat photography
site so head over to candid kitten comm get a little bit more info about all
these plans after the videos finished but starting off here we’re going to go
with one of my favorites and that is the blue star fern delicate light and airy
plant my wife and I have had this one for a few months and we just recently
picked that one up as a second these plants are originally designed to grow
on other plants so they don’t do really well in really damp and dense soil I
want to make sure and pop them in something that’s going to be able to
drain super well they’re also very sensitive to direct sunlight so make
sure to keep them in a shaded window area or just a little bit further back
so they’re not getting those harsh rays in the morning or in the afternoon all
right next up we have the parlour palm here and this one’s another one that
does really well in the shade you want to avoid those harsh sun rays or else
who are going to singe and burn the leaves you want to make sure to water it
thoroughly but keep it in a soil again it’s gonna drain through very well it’s
also pretty sensitive to a lot of fertilizers so if you do fertilize it
just do it very very minimally these will actually get kind of bigger and
bushier as they grow to really nice and lush moving on from there we have the
dwarf Cavendish plant now this is a banana plant it’s actually meant to get
about 6 feet tall at its highest so definitely not small hoping to see this
one and my second one here grow nice and big for the apartment but these are have
been doing really really well right when we brought him home from the nursery
they panicked it lost all but one leaf last couple of weeks who had some extra
sunshine here in Portland so they’ve just been sprouting up all three of
these leaves are new in like the last seven or eight days but this thing is
super Hardy you’ve got to be careful with the smaller younger banana plants
like these in the direct Sun because the leaves can burn and singe
actually have a little bit of that mine but in general they need tons of water
tons of light so you really just they’ll soak up that water and they’ll soak up
the sunshine they’ve been doing really really well as the the springtime has
came next step from there we have the peperomia plant now there are a ton of
different subspecies of the peperomia as found this at a local florist it has
been one of the hardiest kind of easiest safest plants we’ve had over the past
few months since moving into our new apartment I love the look of these
leaves they have that just really dense kind of crinkly bubbly look to them it’s
gonna be more of a medium light plant but in our experiences we’ve tried it
out in a few different locations in our apartment and it’s done really really
well every time from what I’ve seen online for my personal experience it’s
pretty flexible you do want to make sure not to overwater it again this is gonna
be a soil that you want to add some gravel or woodchips or something in so
we can drain out really well alright and moving on from there this one is called
the prayer plant actually called the prayer plant because during the day
it’ll go out and open but over the night time it’ll actually close up it’s a
super cool thing to see you know I keep this on my desk in my office every time
I come in a few hours go by and those leaves just move so much it’s super cool
it’s another one just like the peperomia that’s been super Hardy and super easy
to care for it does like a lot of light but again not that direct sunlight so
keeping in a good shaded a bright window if you can water it regularly all of the
basics moving on from the prayer plant we’ve got this big in right here this is
actually called a lady palm we picked this one up at a bigger nursery in town
I think it’s called Portland nursery it’s out on division in southeast if
anyone’s in Portland here and wants to check it out is an amazing selection of
plants this is one of the bigger plants that we got we tried to get mostly small
plants one because it’s a lot cheaper but two there’s something kind of
satisfying about being able to grow something yourself I actually used to
care for bonsai trees for a lot of years I got busier and my hobby kind of fell
off but it’s it feels good to be back in caring for some more plants again but
the lady palm they’re actually meant to get about 6 to 12 feet tall potentially
so really really cool excited to see this one long-term it’s been doing well
in a pretty medium to low light spot for us in our bedroom I haven’t noticed any
real issues with it so it’s it’s a good plant if you don’t have a ton of extra
light in your apartment or home alright and last is this little guy up here and
this is piglia pepperoni IDEs I think that’s right for the pronunciation
Chinese money plant this one’s actually brand new my wife just picked it up a
few days ago I had no idea these ones were cat safe I thought I’d looked it up
a few months ago and saw that they were toxic so I just kind of wrote it off in
my head but come to find out that one is cat safe as well this one’s one of the
more popular trendy plants right now too has a super cool look with those round
disk leaves but with that one that’s gonna be pretty basic again the trend
among all of these don’t overwater that seems to be kind of most of the
general rules of a lot of house plants anyway but this has been more in more of
a medium light spot for us so far and it seems like it’s been doing really well
that is gonna be at everybody a quick little tour of all of my cat and dog
safe plants in my home office in my apartment if you have any other
recommendations for plants that you think are really cool that are also
going to be safe leave them down below in the comments
always always always make sure to check before you buy plants make sure they’re
gonna be safe for your animals and also support your local nurseries buy locally
if and when you can always the best way to ensure that you have happy
like plants thank you all so much for watching I’ll talk to you all in the

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  1. I usually don’t comment, but this vid is perhaps the best I’ve seen so far about pet-safe plants. Consider putting out more indoor gardening content? You’re great at it and I appreciate the high production quality

  2. Love your plants and thank you for the all the advice. Where do you find your pots? I live in Canada and we don't have much in the way of unique looking pots. Any advice as to where I could get some?

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