Pet-Friendly Pittsburgh: Shadyside Inn & Suites

shadyside in is located in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania in a really lovely area which is called shadyside it's very trendy upscale and residential which is really nice basically the shady side in we have tons of different suite sizes there's something for pretty much everybody we have studio suites which are kind of like your regular hotel room but with an added bonus because it does have a fully equipped kitchen we also have one bedroom suites which also have the queen-size bed but it's in the private bedroom so you get a little bit more room with your living and dining space and we also have two bedroom suites which are larger they would have the queen bed in the master bedroom and a twin and the smaller basically they're all apartment style sweets but we also have an added bonus which are called mansion sweets there are different sizes each one's completely different none of them are alike so it's really fun to be able to come here and get a little bit of everything we do welcome dogs that are 25 pounds or under of course we're extremely pet friendly we love seeing you know dogs whenever they come to check in our staff it's just thrilled by where we see families with pets the pet fee would be 125 dollars and it's non-refundable and we do that just because we do have guests that have allergies or guests are here for Hospital purposes so once our pet family checks out we have a professional company come in clean any area rugs and then also the upholstery we're really good at making sure that we do not have any fool carpet of sweets just because it's easier and more sanitary for the dogs and guests as well which is nice a lot of our guests even just like to walk around our little courtyard here we also have a street called Walnut Street which a lot of the time you walk down and see tons of dogs there it's kind of like our own little Rodeo Drive you always see dogs in the stores their dog bowls out there and we also have melon park which is not too far away a lot of the families with the dogs will take them there you'll always see tons of other dogs there and they just kind of run around and interact which is really fun to see you can come to a place that is a little bit more upscale and an apartment style sweet but still people to bring your pet with you no not of a lot of the other hotels do welcome that so it's kind of unique and fun that we are a place that welcomes pets with open arms we just get extremely ecstatic to be able to see them here and a lot of fun for everybody we always like to push you know the fact that we have the animals here and of course we actually sponsor an organization which is the Pittsburgh aviation and we'll rescue team it's a lot of fun one of the owners is actually a pilot and some other you know companies with our area also sponsor it basically since we are so in love with animals we always do what we can to help them there are tons of kill shelters in the area so they came up with the plan you know what let's go and rescue these dogs and take them to new homes take them to shelters that are no kill which has definitely helped a lot we do a lot of events to kind of help with that and it is beginning to be you know a little bit more well known in the area but with them it's just all about making sure that we're able to help the pets in any way we can and it's definitely been extremely successful it's really great to be able to sponsor something like that we're extremely pet friendly and of course family-friendly this is the place to be if you really want an apartment-style sweet a little home away from home where you're treated like family

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