Pet friendly house plants – CATS Safe plants and DOG safe plants !

Hi everybody, welcome to Plants and Lucia. My name is Lucia and today I’m going to share with you my top 5 plants
to have at your home if you have pets. This video was requested by Carli Rosati
and Carli, I wanted to thank you for this idea I hope you like this video and that
it is useful and all of you guys I hope you like it too! OK!
let’s get to it. If you’re new, this channel is all about house plants. So if
you want to learn how to take care of them, how to display them, or even how to
connect with them, make sure to subscribe so we can see each other every week and
talk about plants! All the plants that I’m gonna share with you today are actually
in the non-toxic list for cats and dogs in the ASPCA website. This website I’m
gonna put in the description below so you can get more information and you can
see the whole list. But of course I would strongly recommend that you double check
this and also ask your vet just to make sure that your pet will be safe. So the
first plant is actually this, and it’s the Boston fern. This plant is actually
friendly not only to your pets but also to you because it’s really easy to take
care of. Actually the Boston fern is not so demanding on bright light, so she
will be happy in a partially shaded room too. As long as you have lots of
humidity. So this is pet friendly approved! Plant number two is actually this beauty
right here, look I her leaves, you guys. This is actually one of my favorite
plants and her name is Pilea Glauca. It’s also a very easy to take care of plant,
and actually, as you can see, oh my God look, it grows
like crazy. So it’s really really beautiful and I really recommend it and
she’s a pet friendly plant. Next, of course it had to be included the popular
beautiful Pilea Peperomioides. So this plant is also a beautiful plant it grows
super fast and it’s pet friendly. So I would truly recommend this one Plant number four of course is the spider plant. Okay so if you have cats they may
want to chew on it so of course it’s not poisonous so if they chew on it, is okay. But
if you don’t want them to chew and then then you can just put them in a hanger
or something, so they cannot get to it. But yeah, this one is also not poisonous
and it’s very easy to take care of it’s a very strong plant, it’s a hero you guys.
So yeah I would also recommend this because it’s also pet-friendly. The fifth
and last plant that we’re gonna talk about is actually this adorable baby
right here. This is actually the Echeveria. She is also a very easy plant to
take care of; all you have to do is not to overwater it and keep her in a room
that is very sunny. And of course this is a pet friendly plant. If you know any
other plants are non toxic to dogs or cats, make sure to put them below so we
can all learn together. I’m pretty sure the whole community will be very
grateful and I can tell you that I will be too. Of course if you want to be part of
this community and took over plants every Tuesday and Thursday, you’re always
welcome to come! And as always I will see you in the next video.
OK. Byeeee!

8 thoughts on “Pet friendly house plants – CATS Safe plants and DOG safe plants !

  1. Your pilea is so cute! I love how your videos are so short and sweet and at the same time I wish your videos were longer because I really enjoy watching them and look forward to the new uploads. Good thing it’s 2x a week ? Have a great rest of the week!

  2. Aww! Your videos are so engaging, Luise! You have a way of breaking down the info in a way that is so endearing!

  3. We have a dog that likes to go outside and chew on grass and eat it. So this is a great video on what indoor plants are non-toxic… because I am sure she would eat them all. Thank you for sharing!

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