Pet fox love

he'll T me me picker huh hey girl ma'am can I rub dick Tommy let me rub your tummy oh there it is dude is pretty girl hey lover oh she's so soft so fluffy she's my girl she's my pretty girl pretty yeah dirty my dad we're talking miss yeah you won't take it I know you do – Yvonne the Okla bar the nails clipped speaker we shitty good what is it watch them watch she's a squirrel okay tomorrow yeah okay did you squirrel

46 thoughts on “Pet fox love

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  2. Free the animals you bastard why do you need to have a wild animal in your house I hate you kind of people who do this kind of thing I hope it kills you

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  4. i've been watching tinytracks for some time, would like a pet fox but still up in the air about getting one. looks like they have a wide selection of pure reds, silver and arctic foxes as well as mixes. yours sure looks like a sweetheart. guess my question is can they be kept in the home or do they need to be kept outside based on your experience?

  5. Stop petting foxes.One day,you'll discover that they can' t become domestic completely.Moreover ,when I visit their cage in the zoo,I feel an excesse "nausea". Bu the way,do you think your handa smelling good???

  6. what did she say ? (2:05)
    ”Did you squirel?” it sounds like this..
    Did she ask them "Is there a squirrel"???
    "What are you looking up to the tree ? Did you find any squirrel?"

  7. Oh my goodness it's so much cuteness the prettiest Fox girl I ever have seen it's making my heart feel so much happiness.

  8. Ils ont les beaux yeux des chats et le corps d'un chien. Affectueux, sensibles, gourmands, timides, beaux. Ils sont merveilleux.

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