Pet food is killing our Pets, Instinct Raw Dog Food

my neighbors stood talking about his dog she's had anal gland problems and I said well yeah you have her on pet food don't you and he said well yeah but it's really great stuff it's instinct raw and I'm like that's pet food that's dry kibble people you don't get it you you think that you see something that isn't there that's not raw it says raw and that that's how the pet food companies do it they're selling you garbage it's not raw it's dry kibble okay it's dry and the other thing about let's just talk about that one raw instinct or instinct raw it's dry kibble and if you look at the package it'll say there's there's a protein source which is chicken meal and then the second ingredient is peas the the third ingredient is chickpeas and then the fourth ingredient is tapioca are you fucking kidding me don't you all get this that pet food companies make it like that so that they can make money that has nothing to do with your your animals health that stuff you should be eating and you know in that realm of like amounts it's way too much fibrous plant starchy material it's a pandemic among our dogs it's making all our dogs and cats sick they know that they can feed a dog and a cat a certain amount of fiber okay fibers starchy plant shit and they thought right on that level that the animal can tolerate it do you think that that's good for the dog no look at its cousins in the wild they don't eat like that they don't eat am piojo see what I'm saying if they were going to eat any of that plant material right it would be digested like say a dog would kill a rabbit and it would eat the whole rabbit the whole thing that's a carnivore by the way and when it ate that rabbit it would eat the stomach contents how much plant material had that rabbit been eating before the dog ate the rabbit not that much – see what I'm saying it's a very small amount the pet food companies Jam the pet food with way too much starchy carbs plant material so that they can make fucking money go go to the grocery store where you buy your food if you have you have a dog it can eat raw chicken bone in they can't eat cooked bones they can eat raw bones give them that as their base and if you have a cat my cat likes beef but beef that I in crust calcium on top of it all these animals that eat other whole animals they need a lot more calcium than you bone as part of their diet so if I can fuck it beef I take calcium that I get it a pharmacy without d3 in it just plain calcium don't get it with d3 just plain calcium it's important that you don't get it with d3 d3 is not water-soluble and it'll build up in the cat and make your cat sick it doesn't need it in those amounts get calcium and water make a paste and put it on top of the steak don't cover the steak leave it out on a plate in your refrigerator and it will stay as long as you need it to stay you can flip it over daily while you cut pieces off and give it your cat my cat also eats some green beans some peas but not the most most of what my dogs and cats or cat eat its meat protein and bone and fat and then there's some fibrous plant material that I add in but it's not in the amount that they have in pet food they're making our animals sick don't feed your dog pet food don't feed your cat pet food by human grade everything do your research about raw diet and switch your animal ASAP there is no transition to do this you stop giving them the pet food and start giving them the raw diet if you give your dog raw chicken right the appropriate cut for the dog make sure until your research just don't start giving it chicken wings because that's probably going to be wrong do you understand no chicken wings do your research and you give the dog the chicken and if they look at it like I'm not going to eat it pick it up after an hour and try again the following day once the dog starts eating chicken they fucking love it I swear to god it's one of the best things that you can give your animal bucket my cat will eat raw chicken too and I prefer that actually because the bone like if I use calcium that's liquefied and I put it on top of steak I also get that too my Raven Sam but that calcium is just it's sterile it's like a cooked product Jennison what I'm saying so with raw chicken bone and chicken there's probiotics in it bacteria dogs and cats it's part of their diet is eating bacteria they need that there's probiotics for the dog or the cat raw chicken it's good for them do your research though don't just go out and do it do a little watch some of my videos there you go

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  1. I do agree with you that a lot of pet foods out there is crap, but instinct shouldn't be one to bash about. As always, kibble is always gonna be processed. This makes any food not as good as raw. Though some kibbles are better than others. Affordability also plays a role in this as well. Instinct is different from other kibbles. It is only baked once where most kibbles are baked many times. This makes all the ingredients in instinct still have most of the vitamin and minerals that we would have lost if we baked it many times. Instinct has many different formulas of food. After they bake there kibble, each piece of there kibble is coated in a freeze-dried raw mixture, making what they are saying on the package true and that it is not a lie. Also, they have a lie that not only has the freeze-dried coating but actual pieces of raw in it that is freeze-dried. This makes it much more affordable for those who can't feed a solely raw diet as some can. Feed this brand is much better than feeding brands such as Purina where the first ingredient is corn then by-product chicken. Corn can't be digested and with by-product chicken, we don't know what actual part of the chicken it is which makes it very dangerous and should be the brand to bash about not instinct. The by-product and corn is a very cheap way Purina used to make the pet food. Instinct used chickpeas and peas as a way the dog or cat can get a healthy balanced meal and be able to digest all of the ingredients. Also, for instincts kibble, the first ingredient in all their food is gonna be the actual meat usually whether its beef, chicken, or salmon. Then most of the time the second is that proteins meal so like beef meal, chicken meal, or salmon meal. This is basically real meat that has been concentrated into a meal form. This isn't bad, now its not the best source out there. I haven't seen anything on whether or not if there have been any health issues on meals. There is only one kibble brand out there that has no meals in it. Orijen. Orijen is a very expensive kibble but is the best kibble you can feed your pet out there.

  2. I tried to slowly transition my dog to Instinct Raw dry pet food, and he literally exploded out of both ends. I tried to transition little by little- mixing it with his current kibble, and it was horrible. We tried the Lamb and Oatmeal one, and it was not good for our schnoodle

  3. Why so many dislikes? You're telling the truth. Some owners think the most expensive kibble is high quality, but no kibble brand is high quality. Some even try to make excuses by mixing kibble with meat. You make a point.

  4. My aunts dog got sick at Christmas times. He Didnt get any better from transitioning from its pet food to his vet food- kibble. I told them to start rawfeeding the dog like i do, she said they want ed to listen to the vet instead. So then the dog had to be put down recently.

  5. Wow thank you for this- Just got my Bichon frise. Can I just buy raw chicken wings from the butchers and feed to my dog?

  6. So it's killing our dogs is it?? I doubt it. Yes raw is better but kibble is good too. I've fed dogs kibble my entire life the average is 10-12 years also if you just feed dogs raw then they'll get no vegetables and hightens the chance if cancer. So actually the best food is organic which you need to mix up yourself. But people who feed raw they just buy it online so no effort. Feed organic with raw,kibble , freeze-dried or kibble mixed with wet food. It's all good. Organic with raw is best but feed them that but NOT raw on it's own

  7. Fed our dog kibble for a long time and he kept getting yeast infection in his ears. Went to raw diet and no more infections or expensive vet bills. His coat also looks great.

  8. dont buy into "dog food industry", unless you're lazy… make real RAW food for your dogs from the store.. make sure it's still bleeding and NEVER COOK the meat… you will lose all the beneficial bacterial if you cook it and cook bones will hurt them.. and, AND.. ITs CHEAPER.. you really have NO excuses unless you are a lazy person who wants to just do ONE scoop per day.. also, their poop will be SMALLER and less pasty… it's just COMMON SENSE, come on people… this isnt a DEBATE… there's test in Europe done with kibbles vs raw food… only the ones who still feed kibbles are the ignorant ones.. i dont even talk to you if you still feed kibbles, it shows how much you care for your dogs… btw, before you start on RAW DIET.. look up some videos on youtube first… there's a recipe that goes with it.

  9. Sorry, I see you are married….to a pigeon. Hmmmm…..I bet raw pigeon would be good for my dog!!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND???

  10. I love you man!!! We need loads more people thinking like you.
    My Greyhound is having so much trouble with pet food that I'm going to take a part time job just to afford a meat diet.
    Go RAW guys!!!

  11. THIS food f*'d up my dog real bad. Ingredients:
    Chicken meal, chicken, chicken fat, chicken egg, chickpeas, peas, tapoca, tomato pomace, montmorillanite clay, .. on & on, etc. $300 vet bill later, I had to STOP.
    Nature's Variety Instinct RAW . Garbage!

  12. it's not just dog food, human food is killing us too and we let these companies get away with it because​ the the vast majority have no clue what's going on, so noone is stopping them

  13. Will my dog be okay if I feed him once a day on a raw food diet. I'm in the military so I don't have alot of time to be able to prep and serve twice a day.

  14. I think this idiot is thinking about the raw boost food which is dry kibble mixed with freeze dried raw bits. intinct raw is in Patty form, and is 100% raw food. There is no dried kibbles, and nothing is cooked

  15. finally I got to 1 about what to feed cats.. I wanted to ask but I know the answer..
    watch the video..
    idk why my vet isn't more honest about food etc. He just wants to sale in house shit that expensive. i trust your advice. now to apply a new diet for my minks.
    thks bunches!..!

  16. Never mind the store, go to a farm and get a whole chicken or a sheep's head, hearts, tripe, the good stuff. Store bought meat is from gmo grain fed animals… humans shouldn't be eating that.

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