PET FISH FOOT SPA! **Fish Pedicure DIY**

it's so cute Lucky's gonna water it much oh please let me know in the comments below are you my daughter oh oh yeah very slow let's see what these goldfish do we're out here in the makeup all of Walmart guys you know you know what it is Timmy give me a pound I need I need first you guys step over there to lift just we need all of these goldfish every single one looks like there's one or two that need like some life support but it's okay we're gonna take them you go with that cannon yeah Kenan invigorated fish by tapping on the glass as hard as he possibly can he's trained them look dude look at him look at him look at him biting like that dude you might have to get a few of those things let's see it lets see it you gotta do it you know wait don't don't telling me ah ah now they're biting me here guys hey like Shamu is little tiny ones okay so we're definitely gonna get all those goldfish right here each and every single one of them first that's our first mission guys top all the goldfish at Walmart Ethan has he draws on to the bag he does on a new level he has found the marker but your legend I'm tellin ya you have any idea how powerful this man is the powerful man you shall hold the key to all living Tim Fisher awesome I like feeding them to a giant giant fish at home makes me happy really cool it you like feeding goldfish to bigger fish I do it a lot like Koloff really do the what I think I found my dog hair are you my daughter is that ours I think it might be as we're out here emptying the Walmart supply of fish it's looking good guys look at all those chickens sorry please that's my foot yeah but it's okay it's cool I'll just ignore that is that are you allowed to touch them oh my god look at all those chickens catch him what oh I don't know I got all that one guy at that YouTube channel he looks just like me he looks he's like my brother he wears the same stuff he catching my merch same stuff I'm so so stressed I'm just his brother I'm sorry I'm just kidding that's good I'm that guy hit some throw you in this video what we're gonna do is we're getting a bunch of fish and we're gonna actually use them to clean fish a 20 gallon do that's a big tank but the tank over there is gonna be like I think that's what is that 15 gallon something like that so you know that already dude you got it you got in your head I appreciate you for being the video I think we might get some of these chickens later to get a chicken or don't get a chicken get a chicken alright you heard it from the man himself thank you so much dude here's some skin I always love these little caterpillar thingies guys if you know what these turn into later please let me know in the comments below because I think whatever these things turn into like lambs oh no now I'm probably gonna raise him oh I'm not gonna totally well I wouldn't do something like that guys this guy's asking me if I'm gonna feed those silkie chickens to the pond no we wouldn't do that on camera I mean ever shut up to me these guys I've given these fish a day to act with me a day to adjust you know make sure they're happy and healthy before I start putting stinky feet inside the tank but it looks like these guys are doing pretty well I took away the tetris guys I had to return them Walmart was pissed me off with the numbers and stuff but doesn't matter because we have our goldfish in goldfish your cooler anyway it's called how to fear light dance be afraid my friend I'm kidding guys they're honestly very spooky of light right now I'm not really sure why but for some reason every time I press the on button they dance and we just need to turn on some music for them and there's just the right amount of fish that it's not like overwhelmed because it is 15 gallons and it does have that sump attached to it it's looking pretty good but the fish kind of relax after a little couple seconds after the lights turned on now all the fish are happy and healthy they've been eating a little bit you know it's been a whole day and they're all acclimated to this water none of them have died so I guess the fish are looking pretty darn healthy guys especially these black ones which are really cool I hope we keep them for a really long time and maybe the blob won't eat them crayfish on goldfish dance my friends for you shall have a bountiful feast of calluses and peppercorns all we need now are some really stinky feet I mean I have my soft science shoes and all but it's time to get these bad boys in the tank unless I can find something better Oh guys we did find a very exotic looking special foot not bad and we do have the fish now all we have to do is get this foot inside that tank but first we have to descend it ties this but you can't just go throwing nasty feet into the fish the fish will be sad first we have to buy you shouldn't help we gotta get rid of all the stinkiness of the feet oh yeah mm-hmm you want to wash it probably yay hi make sure everything that's submerged is nice and clean take a nice little shower get those toes between the toes please thank you thank you mm-hmm and make sure you get like oops yeah perfect between the toes guys between the toes between toes okay we're good now what we want to do is just kind of pat dry this stuff with a paper towel okay so we're just gonna Pat this beautiful foot dry now looking good uh-huh but before we insert the foot to train these fish to peck at feet even though they will do it by themselves if they're really hungry these fish have been well fed they're looking great right now so before we do all this we're going to go ahead and sprinkle a little extra sauce on if you know it I'm slain tropical color flakes tetra thank you so much all right we gonna go ahead and sprinkle a little bit of the sauce around of toes yes that's what we want now I'm gonna make sure we get it into the pores so the goldfish can really associate these feet with food put it all around especially on the toes goldfish love toes everyone knows that guys we added a little bit more crumbs now it's looking great so it's still a little bit damp so what we're gonna do is just Pat it dry Pat it dry and let this foot dry out completely this is how you train your fish guys training your fish to clean your feet guys so what we're doing right here this is the initiation stages of having your own fish foot spa right now that's what we're doing so I think we're ready to go with this foot we're gonna let it dry for about maybe five more minutes you guys can do that at home with the blow dryer just air dry you know nice and hot that'll be great if you're just starting this off but right now I think just letting it air dry is gonna be the key we're just gonna take a couple minutes for this foot to dry and then we're gonna throw them in the tank the goldfish are now used to this beautiful bright light that is going to light up this fish tank well they're all gonna be eating hey guys you hungry you look hungry it's time for the piece de resistance and guys you can do this with any fish if you have a nice soft toast like this I would recommend goldfish because they have very soft mouths but you can do it with African cichlids and stuff they do have teeth though and they might rip off your skin if you do have pet horns and stuff like that I keep calling them peppercorn I don't think that's the word but anyway when your feet are disgusting in like nannies old granddaddy's madea's feet then you definitely want to have some scarier fish but these guys will do the trick for these feet right here hey those feet place your photo right over there oh thank you very much oh and now we have the feet in the fish I'm gonna go ahead and lift up the top of this thing hopefully the fish don't get too spooked come on oh yes insert Elle photo please oh nice and slow oh go ahead oh nice and slow we don't want to spook the fish too much there we go okay food coming looking good all the way down you want to go ahead and put your foot on the bottom and curl your toe up and put it right in the center of the tank that's what you want to do right in the center of the tangle you're wearing a high heel perfect there you go and now as you can see they're eating right off of the feet so they're gonna associate the foot with food now it's very ticklish it's hard to keep a straight face but the fish are eating her toes completely this is absolutely amazing it is a live foot fish foot spa tank guys amazing get it from all angles the fish back here are definitely using the oil they're getting underneath look look underneath see they're eating the bottom of her feet as well but we definitely wanted them to focus on the toes and that's where the big black ones come in as you can see they're really going ham on the toes even though don't squish that one don't move too much you can't move too much if these goldfish you're brand new as you can see this guy's getting really between the toes right there that was a really good goldfish so these guys are tearing up her feet right now just completely demolishing your feet this looks a whole look at that goldfish the big black ones really put in the work for the calloused feet guys but the longer you don't move and the more familiar your goldfish get like I said guys this goldfish have only been in here for I think what 24 hours maybe even less than that these guys are already acclimating to eating off of human feet which means that once you stop putting food on their feet the goldfish will immediately associate these feet with food and remove all of the dead skin you can just go ahead and keep your feet inside this tank for about an hour your feet will get nice and soft and then the fish will come and go ahead and eat off of it look at them there's no food as you can see there's no food at all and the goldfish are just eating away king absolutely beautiful right now this is exactly what we wanted gorgeous gorgeous these goldfish man they do the trick can I go ahead and put one more dose of food just because we're training these fish and see what happens look at them all chewing hardcore they don't even want to stop but I do want to train these fish very hard you can see other fish are wandering around I want them to completely swarm around this foot every time we do this no matter if there's any food at all in this tank or not and that is exactly what will happen if we train them the right way so we're gonna go ahead and remove this beautiful foot out of the tank go ahead nice and slow good good right onto the towel thank you madam now I'm gonna close the top of the lid these goldfish are so good guys these are Walmart goldfish I definitely went to Walmart to get these fish these fish are used to people going up to him and saying hello you know all little kids at Walmart always go up to the fish section I don't mean I know I do and I'm not even little anymore so these fish are the fish to get thank you so much moment you're amazing for getting these fish and raising them with that awesome man we're gonna go ahead and put some more feet I mean more food yeah food on on the feet all right well we're gonna start with your feet because then things need some work boy the thing that you want to do most right here is associate the foot with food so these goldfish will look at this foot as it goes into the tank and know it's covered in food and associate these feet with food the goldfish will eat off of this foot off the leg all of the dead skin cells and it'll be great good to go these people will look absolutely perfect after my goldfish are done with them we're gonna go ahead and place the foot inside the goldfish and see what happens go ahead nice and slow nice and slow go ahead all the way down just like you had it before high-heel the center of the tank boom just like that boom go into town baby go into town there you go oh yeah now you know that's how the goldfish do end look like she said she did want them up there there are gonna go up there look boom eating right off of the leg eating between the toes looking great flatten your foot out a little bit more a little bit more they are eating but flatten your foot out just a little bit more perfect looking great amazing and picking apart all of the excess skin now that there's no food left on her feet and a little bit of food that is left all the rest of the goldfish are eating everyone is happy and healthy right here they are just tearing your foot apart put it to the middle of the tank a little bit more so they go hook you gotta watch out have a little goldfish kick but that doesn't affect them goldfish are very Hardy Hardy animals their water temperature and clarity really doesn't matter honestly goldfish can live in puddles you're doing good they're doing a good job and they're all gonna live happy healthy lives once they get too big I do have a huge pond that they will all be fed to giant redtail catfish just to train them that they shouldn't be afraid of the foot go ahead nice and high okay now back inside very slow let's see what these goldfish do go ahead all the way down to the bottom in the same position that you had your foot last time all the way down now you have absolutely no food there I'll lower your foot just a little bit more perfect you have no food now at all no food and let's see if they still chew on your foot look at a bump immediately immediately start chewing on our foot on both sides and under your foot huh oh yes two and under and over guys this experiment was a hundred percent successful this is one day guys you do not have to wait to do this look at that guy chewing at the dead skin she does have a little bit extra dead skin on that toe and as you guys can see the goldfish found that out and I've been chewing on it now that the foots been in here for assault 15 minutes and soaking a little bit all that dead skin is starting to be a little bit easier to chew a little bit easier to chew off and these goldfish are associating the foot with food and that's exactly what we wanted guys this is absolutely amazing oh yeah the big guys going in on the ankles and everything so I hope you enjoyed this episode guys cuz I certainly did I love these fish I still do have the blob and all those other fish I'm gonna set them up over here though and I may be a bathroom tank I'm not really sure guys but I hope you enjoyed this episode and from this foot to you guys catch them all hit him up catch them all fish's YouTube and Instagram

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  1. Great way to get fungus infections and warts. Also Goldfish from Walmart are Full of parasites and you can get certain types of worms. As a Fish Store owner for 10 years, this a HORRIBLE idea. Your opening yourself up for a Lawsuit. I've reported you for a Dangerous Act.


  3. I’m a big big fan like the new intro it’s nice I give it a 1005 and this is very cool no really cool super coool like you when I’m sad you make me smile. Your the best

  4. I have saved a 3 year old Bird my mom found it on the road and it's feet where burning and it was attacked by a cat and it was still alive we named it lucky.

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