Pet Dish TV – Wings of Rescue

on this week's episode of pet fish TV we head out onto the tarmac as dozens of animals in need using the brand new start in Minnesota hey everyone I'm Zach and this is pet dish TV more and more shelters and rescues all across the country are finding creative ways to partner together all in the name of helping more animals here at animal Humane Society we partner with nearly a hundred different animal welfare groups because of our community's love and support we become a destination shelter meaning we often had the capacity to take in animals from other parts of the country and find them great new homes here in Minnesota it truly takes a village to make that happen but when we come together the sky's the limit but wings of rescue flies pets from overcrowded shelters and disaster areas to shelters where there's empty kennel space and where no local shelter pets are displaced by our flights the first until we get to about 10,000 feet we've got that a hundred voices a cat and dog saying are we there yet then they all fall asleep and then when we get back down below 10,000 feet they're back up they're saying are we there yet again but it's really nice it's quiet and the pets they seem to relax and they know they're going to better it's it's the that's the reward that's the payoff for us when you meet the people at shelters like see the faces of the people and expectation oh we're saving lies together you get caught up in their excitement that was your excitement a few hours before on the ground but it really just confirms that all the choices you made were the right ones and you know these hats are a breakfast you know they're gonna be on somebody's couch within a couple of days and that's just you know when you know that the alternative was very grim for these pets you're just you're just knocked out it never gets old wings of rescue and AHS have been working together for just the last few months but some of our transport partnerships go back nearly a decade and they've helped thousands of animals in need get the second chance they deserve to find out how you can help animals in need visit our website at animal Humane Society or and for more animal related stories be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and check out our pet dish TV playlist thanks for joining us for this episode of pet dish TV we'll see you next time you

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