Pet Care Tips- How to perform a dental examination on your cat

Hi, this is Paul Wise and welcome to the Lawn
Vets video series. In this short video I will be sharing with you some tips on how to perform
a procedure on your pet. To ensure the safety of you and your pet, I recommend if you’ve
not already done so that you first watch our Animal Handling video. Ok so we’re going to do a dental examination
on this little chap here, this little chap here is my cat Mokoko and I know he’s got
a little bit of a dental problem so we’re just going to demonstrate that and show you
how you’d have a look at your cat’s teeth at home. So as you can see Anne’s got hold
of his front feet to stop me getting scratched and she’s also just gripping his body gently,
pushing down into the table, just to immobilise him. I’m going to hold onto his head, I’m
going to put a finger underneath the cheekbone there, thumb underneath the cheekbone there,
and just tilt his head up and you can see his mouth starts to open as I lift his head
up, and we’re going to have a little look-see in this side, that’s actually not too bad,
he’s a bit pale-looking there, that’s probably because he’s a bit scared to be
honest with you, we’re actually going to have a blood sample from him in a minute,
and this is the side that’s actually got a bit of a problem, you can see the swelling
of the surrounding gum and lip margin next to a tooth, which isn’t very pleasant. So
we’ll just open his mouth up and have a look-see inside so you can see the mouth opening,
finger on there, drop down, gives us a good look in there, and you can see his rather
unpleasant looking tooth, the last molar and premolar there is diseased and it needs removing.
So that’s how you examine a cat’s teeth. As always, if having watched this video you
have any questions or if you encounter any difficulties performing the procedure, then
please phone or email the surgery. We’re here to personally help give you the very
best advice and treatment possible for your much loved pet. Thanks for watching, any feedback
regarding this video will be very much appreciated.

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