vase of lizards come on get your ball fishing with Zack imagine going to your backyard and seeing like a sturgeon back there and everything that you own just staring at you from a port this is sick Kelly what's that out there because this is looking absolutely gorgeous the lighting everything wah oh forgot a lizard in my hand these guys are super well trained check them out they're already looking at me Dave they recognize me just by being here standing next to the spot even through the screened-in porch guys but we have all of this food this is still my favorite food to feed them I've tried stinky fellas with the sturgeon and the sturgeon will not eat them out of my hand they won't eat them off the ground the sturgeon is just being really picky right now but he still has to eat so for now he's eating these koi pellets she's almost broke my leg guys so a lot of you guys in the comments were saying stuff about Shamu like Shamu was dying or something like that like what are you guys talking about and the tilapia that I fed them that I made a promise to the koi man that those are dead too which I will show you they are very much alive and so are the so much that much then we're sitting right here waiting for me guys so as you can see Shamu is literally chasing me up here little Jimmy hey buddy how you doing girl oh yeah Jimbo let's follow me around the pond as you guys know check her out check her out with Jim like to follow me now because I've been feeding them every single day you know how it is with fish so I don't know what you guys are talking about with saying tilapia and I stuffed Shamu actually could have eaten that tilapia I got two feeder tilapia from that guy and they were both really small one of them was a little little bit big 8 inches but Kelly and I were going out of town to go swim with the manatees and I wasn't comfortable with the way Shamu had it laws in her mouth so we decided to take that fish out of shenmue his throat because we didn't want him with a choke or anything like that while Shamu could have eaten that tilapia very easily the fact as she was you immediately ate that floppy as soon as I put her in I thought that small white tilapia might be able to exist because of the other minus Sigma that you can see my sleeves are still like they're literally the same size and then I'll buy no philosophy but there's some reason to live you just taste better I guess Jammu swallow that thing instantly and she could have eaten it but I was afraid to be out of town for like two days or wait for my fish consuming such a large meal let's get a solid slow-motion wood eating fish it was actually crazy right now this is a real oh my god that big guy got away from us but there's a bigger one right here check it out check it out check it out you see you come on oh hey we're here don't be don't be afraid you see him here over there let's see what's on pause the surgeon is getting a little rambunctious right now here you go so we have our quick pellets right I just holding the hand oh yeah he's going crazy oh I literally put him right under his mouth so he doesn't have to suck up all that air here you go I know I know I know you're hungry hey looky Shamu though we can have his little bit too I had that little guy sit in my hand for a while God he is so cool it's literally like having like stingrays you know how you have stingrays in like SeaWorld check it out one other time just one at a time meeting those colors I know it's so friendly it's such a personality that this fish tad it's like ridiculous go ahead enjoy your day buddy like the back it feels like he has a spine like out of its back like literally like a hole it's gonna be tough for you guys to see this but walk past me really quick walk fast being conspicuously inconspicuous when you see this guy you see him it's right here we need to get this guy invasive lizards come on Gotham we have our slow motion eight for Shamu this thing is an invasive lizard that's why I feed them to Shamu they're not supposed to be around here you're supposed to kill things but I don't like killing things unless there's a meaning behind it like unless something is eating that specific animal everybody's right here Shamu you hungry come on this is really like a big race to them it trains them to be almost like a dog nice passing to the sturgeon all right guys come on come on you're hungry look at the sturgeon chewing over here to the left we're gonna get this all in slow motion right now I know you want to jump Shamu take your time we're gonna record did you miss it oh she missed it but I got it back I gotta back me or Shamu can't miss this time Oh get miss this time there mrs. time come on she missed again she missed again that was a really really good jump though guys I'm sitting here and good stuff while I'm waiting for the crawfish to breed yeah we got some new crawfish over there saying I just turned the buck oh my gosh on on on hey guys what's going on but that's for the next video guys I just noticed that Shamu slapped that lizard with its tail like check it out check it out like really close you really look at that lizard I told you guys I was wild right like what are the odds of that anyway let's get back into it guys take three take three Lord Jammu don't bite me again what I'm gonna do now is feed Shamu what I'm gonna do now is feed Shamu some tilapia that's her main diet guys tilapia and then some other cichlids like casting that from time to time every once in a while I throw a goldfish in there just for fun because it's a different color you know but most of the time it's tilapia and obviously lizards and other things to make sure she's like bass that she's at home because this is a pond all my stuff is like natural it's not like fish tank stuff you know if you're really really really care for fish you really don't want them in like in a small enclosure you rather have them in a bigger pond you know I'm saying so the koi in the cichlids they're all trained I wish I had to lop in here but the tilapia are super aggressive guys I've kept albino tilapia that I've caught before with Joey a million years before before I even started this channel guys and I had an inground palm that I built myself and that tilapia would beat up everything so I didn't put those too big to lock you in with these smaller fish and with the koi and with the sturgeon especially the sturgeon is really soft and really fragile Kimi even though the stern dude is really hot there's really soft spy shit moose scares me sometimes I don't want the surgeon to have any threats like that guy so all these fish here are very calm check them out they're really happy to be inside this little guy so I put the giant – laughs here that I got from the guy the ones that the guy didn't want me to kill even though he does eat them from time to time I put those tilapia in my mega pond and I still have them to this day I might even try to breed them but I need a little isolation pond to do that don't disturb you guys check it out like my first pellets were you buddy come on look at shimmy I me up like this is like the scariest thing ever you she will draw bro she will draw blood there's a sturgeon coming around the corner your buddy this little relaxation pool you know feeding our pets I consider them our pets because we're all enjoying these fish I know I can't really post them every single day but I try my best here you go your stooge come on lift your head up that nose of yours gets annoying I know so we're gonna go check out the other pond see the peacock bass a lot of things you guys are saying ever died and stuff like pay attention to pup guys I appreciate you loyal fans forget in my back

22 thoughts on “PET BASS SHAMU is NOT DEAD!

  1. Previously has saw your video about SHAMU BEING DEAD and now it isn't.. Saw many of us subscribers crying about it..hmm
    Is there something I didn't get?..
    Or was it just emotional publicity

  2. Is it me or does shamu keeps coming back to life and now saying he is not dead but burying him or her and clearly dead but, alive again?

  3. Hey bro I’m a huge fan I love ya my brotha but you literally have a video saying shamu is dead rip to an amazing pet ???? So I ask you friend what are you saying it’s kinda weird bro no hate just curious

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