let's Simo catch'em all fishing with hey guys it's Kelly aka Zach's girlfriend I guess you can see I'm kind of doing like a YouTube takeover right now Zach was invited however he's a little spooked to dive with sharks still and we're just checking in to the Bahamas right now 30 40 minute drive to Tiger Beach all right so we just got to Tiger Beach guys the water is absolutely beautiful you can see the bottom right now we're about 17.5 18 feet right now we're about to get started and cut some bait and then bouncing falah oh yeah that's how they know they know the crater so right now we're just cutting up some bait and just throw them right in this bait crate right here that we have with the sharks they have holes the smells and the bloods can come out and attract the Sharks they can't get in this crate so they can't ruin it you got an extra bucket full of plenty water so we're gonna go ahead and dump this in hopefully you'll give us a little head start and then crack some more sharks we have an invader on our boat it looks like he followed us from the land there's a lizard right there Shamu where are you oh he's biting me I'm so sorry Shamu Shamu we got our first little reef shark right here we got a couple more here at the boat we got Dante in the water right now he's over there near the float we got Zack about to go in Nicole being Nicole are gonna do some diaphragm stretches right before we get in just to kind of warm up a little bit before we start free diving Dante says we got a tiger out the crate right now so we just got out of the water it was a great dive we had three tiger sharks one huge great hammerhead a bunch of lemon sharks reef sharks and overall it was such an amazing time it was probably one of the best time I've been on Twitter I hope you guys enjoyed this video and maybe even learn something a little bit about sharks

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  1. TIGER SHARK has never seen a PIKACHU BEFORE ? TEAM PIKACHU, next time Catch Em All is Diving!!!! Stay tuned ? ??

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