36 thoughts on “Pet Alpha – ep1 – S2

  1. LILI CANT FRICKIN DIE ??? (good thing) Also, didn't lili already get blind in that eye? Did they like heal her or something???

  2. NOOOOOOOO poor troy he does not deserve the punishments lili!!!!!!!!!! runs into alpha kingdom and finds lili
    fights lili and lili loses
    goes to prison and gets troy out with lilis guards following me
    gets caught by guards
    i get the punishments instead of troy
    i tell troy to run
    i get whipped really hard owwww
    i get imprisioned and made a servant and owe lili all my money

  3. Good job on the vid but… why does Arisu's brother Troy have to get whipped??? Sure he did bad things but why whips he already has many other punishments

  4. OMG this is BEST video of alpha pet im existed for MORE and SISON THREE (sry for write im not from England) AWSOME VIDEO????????????????

  5. one sugestion: when they are doing stuff dont make them all doing it at the same time and speed and also try and put a different song on :¬(

  6. Yes I’m early!!!{edit} omg tysm it’s the first time I got a like from a youtuber!!!!! Eeeeeee

  7. Hey I've just watched the video and i love it! Can't wait o r the next video and I hope 8 did well with ur Sats bye

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