Pet adoptions slow for some types of dogs

adopted very quickly But some stay there for months.. 27 First News Reporter Cameron O’Brien explains why. [D3]20170302 DOG ADOPTS 27-PK Meet Dexter. He’s been with Animal Charity for four years. He’s potty trained, well mannered, and adores people. But one small problem seems to be holding him back from finding a home. HE IS DOG REACTIVE. HE CANNOT LIVE WITH OTHER DOGS, HE CANNOT LIVE WITH CATS, HE CANNOT LIVE WITH ANYTHING SMALL LIKE THAT THAT HE WOULD SEE AS PREY. Lucky is another one of Animal Charity’s longest residents — he’s been around two years. He, too, is a nearly perfect dog. But just like Dexter, he keeps getting passed over. LUCKY WAS STARVED, SO HE HAS SOME ISSUES WITH FOOD. Dexter and Lucky are two of several dogs that Animal Charity has a hard time adopting. Their small problems are a result of the abuse they suffered before being rescued. But Animal Charity says these dogs should be seen for the love they have to give, not their small problems. ITS SOMETHING THAT CAN BE WORKED WITH, BUT WE HAVE TO FIND THE RIGHT PEOPLE THAT ARE WILLING TO TAKE THESE DOGS ON AND ARE WILLING TO DO THIS. Angels for Animals adopts out dogs all the time. But its pitbulls are often last to go. Cities like Girard and Poland have breed specific legislation That prevents people from owning pit bull’s. Sarah says the stigma, paired with the law, makes it very hard for certain dogs find homes. ONE OF OUR MOST GENTLE DOGS IS DIESEL. HE’S A PITBULL. HE HAS THE NICE BIG HEAD THAT EVERYONE IS SO SCARED OF. BUT HE’S THE MOST GENTLE GIANT IN THE WORLD. But Diesel has been at the shelter for only several months — and if breed specific laws were eliminated — adopting dogs like Diesel would be easier. The folks at the shelter say that ALL dogs take work. So before walking past an older dog, a pittbull, or a dog with a behavior issue They are encouraging people to spend some time with them first. Because they might just make an awesome companion. In Canfield, Cameron O’Brien, WKBN 27 First News

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