Pet Adoption

The Pet Adoption program at Madison College
is run by our Veterinary Technician students. They take the public and bring them in to
our program area where we can showcase wonderful dogs that are in need of homes such as our
good friend here, Zorro. KIM SUSKEY: You shake? Good boy! We have 30 mice, 10 rats, 10 gerbils, 10 hamsters,
10 rabbits, 24 cats and 20 dogs. The Pet Adoption program begins Monday, Oct.
9. Our visiting hours vary a bit, but for the
most part, 8:30-3:30 every day. Anyone! You do not have to be affiliated with the
college in any way. Usually our best advertising comes through
the college and employees here or students here, but you technically don’t have to be
affiliated with the college. Anyone from the public can come meet the dogs
or cats or pocket pets and then submit an application. STUDENT: Come on, pup! Because we are a USDA (United State Department
of Agriculture) licensed facility, with that comes a category of research. And many times, people will believe that we
are performing research on these animals here at the college, and rest assured, that absolutely
does not happen on this campus. We do not perform research of any kind. When they come to us they need routine vaccinations,
heart worm checks, deworming, as well as the obvious spaying and neutering. So when you adopt from us, there is a fee
associated with it. That money goes back to the shelter that the
animal originated from, and essentially these guys have nothing further for you to do to
them for about one year.

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