Pet Adoption Rescue : Current & Adopted Pets

If you are bringing a new adopted dog home
it is very important that you know how to introduce your pets with the new dog. Hi I’m
Nancy with Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch. We recommend if you adopt a dog and you take
it home it is best for you to have another family member or friend bring your other animals
outside on leashes and then start walking. Don’t try to get the dogs to know each other
immediately. Don’t even try to get them close to each other. If you can walk for an hour
with these animals, usually by the time you reach home everyone is comfortable with each
other, relaxed and they’re not going to be territorial when the new dog comes into the
home. It is also very important, don’t forget, when you do get a new dog don’t forget the
other dogs, the ones that were there first. They might be jealous and the best thing to
do is just show them a little more attention. Thank you. I’m Nancy with Utopia Animal Rescue

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