Pet Adoption Rescue : Adopting an Animal

You know when you’ll be ready to adopt a dog
when you can answer yes to this question, will you keep this animal for its full life
time? Adopting a dog or a cat is a lifetime commitment or else it should be. I get several
calls a day at our shelter with people wanting to dump their animals. The animals they love,
they tell me they love, they’re crying. One of the number, the top two calls that I received
every day, several times a day, one is from a person that is calling and saying I can’t
keep my dog. I love my dog but the new place I’m moving to, the apartments won’t let me
have him. Why would you, don’t do that? If you are going to do that don’t adopt a dog.
Dogs will love you for life and they deserve better. The other reason is young women calling
to tell me right off they’re crying and they’re telling me that their wonderful eight year
old dog that they love, that her new boyfriend said they can’t keep him. That’s ridiculous.
Get rid of the boyfriend. That dog loves you a heck of a lot more. Please don’t adopt a
dog if you know that you are not going to be committed to keep it for its full life.
They deserve the best. Give it to them. I’m Nancy from Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch.

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