Pet Adoption – Mohawk Hudson Humane Society at Goldstein Mitsubishi in Albany NY

Hello Capital Region. We’re coming to you from Goldstein Mitsubishi. This is Rosa and Diego… say “hi there”… and Rosa and Diego would like to go home today. They’re here from the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society… available for adoption… and we’ve got some cats and dogs here that will… OH…action here’s some action… aren’t you thirsty… so we’re here at a Goldstein Mitsubishi, the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society is going to be here until 2:00 today with Rosa and Diego and we’ve got some others… it’s over here… say hello this is Honey and Honey is available today to take home… and over here… this is Sugar… right? Hi Sugar! Sugar is also available today for adoption… and there’s a little dog around here – we’re going to show you in a second. The Mohawk Hudson Humane Society has been around since… you mind if I come over here and talk to you… they’ve been around since what 1887 right? Same location for a hundred years and we are just about ready to open our new facility we’re going to have the same location but it’s bigger and healthier and more beautiful and it’s just great. And you take care of thousands of animals every year at the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society, finding homes and providing services and it’s a it’s a great organization that we’re proud to help here at Goldstein. Both of these cats are here not because they did anything wrong, but because both of their owners unfortunately have health issues and are not able to take care of them anymore so… that happens a lot that there’s the animal hasn’t done anything wrong, it’s just the human is not able to take care of them properly anymore. And then sometimes, unfortunately you get people who are not able to take care of the animals properly because they’re just bad people… and you take you take in the animals also and make them well and find them new homes. Sugar is six years old and Honey is nine years old. Okay Sugar… you’re six… six and does not care! She’s very playful, I was playing with earlier. Just worn out from the trip? Probably. And you are nine and this is Honey. Now, we’ve got five animals here today… we’ll put you back on camera… five here today but you’ve got many more back at the building. Many more at the shelter in Menands we also have animals at Petsmart in Latham we have cats up at Saratoga and at the Petsmart in Glenmont we have animals in several places. Okay, well you’re here until 2:00 today. We are. You can find out more about the animals that are available now go by going to Here’s this little guy over here. This is Dino! Hey Dino! And he is the biggest cuddle bug biggest cuddle bug. Oh Dino you might be the star today. He just wants to be held and he loves the camera. Say Hi Dino! You were excited earlier… and just settling in? Eight-year-old Chihuahua? Yes. And DIno can go home today with someone. Absolutely. Come here to Goldstein Mitsubishi on Central Avenue. Ohhh… I know… Are you camera shy now? No, he just likes to hug. You gonna go to sleep? You look tired. Well, Dino, we hope somebody adopts you today… Wouldn’t that be exciting? Dino! Hey buddy! Say goodbye! Oh too cute… thank you very much. Precious. So, we hope that you visit us today at Goldstein Mitsubishi to say hello to the folks from Mohawk Hudson Humane Society. You can see what they do, see the animals that are available for adoption now by going to We hope to see you today at Goldstein Mitsubishi, Central Avenue in Albany.

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