Oh taking my pet Lobster to Red Lobster a lot of restaurants you can bring in your catch and they'll cook it for you I'm not sure if Red Lobster does that but we're gonna find out today oh my god what we're gonna do is wrap this bad way up like a baby so back him up like he needs to go to tree before we take him to Red Lobster get me money go ahead and give it a try give my pet Lobster to Red Lobster guys were on our way to Red Lobster check them out Big Bob needs some butter I'm gonna see if they can actually cook this thing for us otherwise we're gonna have to keep this thing for a while and then cook it a lot later tonight maybe they can cook like in house check them out Bob how you doing over there Bob Bob you good Bob Bob lobster dinner baby laughs they're big lobsters all right ladies and gentlemen it's time to get the baby come on baby Bob butter bad baptism of baby Bob guys let's go ahead we're on our way to see if we can get this thing transported into a giant pot by the magical Red Lobster Timmy big lobsters guys we're gonna see if they can do a catch and cook guys a lot of restaurants you can bring in your catch and they'll cook it for you I'm not sure if Red Lobster does that but we're gonna find out today big lobsters big problem Jesus way to hang on without being asked them one to see if I keep returning to the ocean [Applause] yeah we caught the same species right here but this one's from 10 these might be from a it's a spectacle in it they're gonna try their best we just ask the manager they're gonna see if they cook this thing for us I'm not sure if they'll have enough butter for this thing but we're gonna find out they have biscuits though if they do have the disk off this notch and Lago about I want to say 14 hours ago yeah look at this oh uh stand next to this thing kiddo Oh off the ground that thing is probably a solid almost three feet and this is a smaller one we caught another one no way well I think as we go check the manager but I know my Jimmy said it's the triple cook this forest guys don't say anything wait laughing I love her life thanks so much for a lovely that's amazing the head chef he tried his best but I guess we can't we're gonna have to go find a way to cook this monster but thank you so much I really appreciate it at least you guys got to see this that's kinda cool but oh man do you take a picture okay at least a lot of people got to see it we're gonna have to figure out what we're gonna do with this guy I'm just gonna wrap them up like a little baby again live lobster oh my gosh look at this yeah still kicking guys I'll check it out still kicking ready to go yeah yeah oh yeah well don't worry about it I just want to cook your whole and just see how it tastes at this size okay that's pretty moving such a blessed building so much for help my god okay so what we're gonna do right now I try guys I mean whatever all right all right guys so what I'm gonna do is we're gonna take this guy wrap them up about what we're gonna do with this thing thanks again guys so red lobster tried their best to help us but it looks like Bob just isn't in the mood to get eaten right now I don't know what we're gonna do my boy Timmy here is a loving Timmy and he knows that Bob needs a home guy so his arm is broken but we need a home a cold poem for Bob it's summertime here in Florida it's really hot we need it to be Eisley and sit nicely you know what I'm saying guys so back to kitty already no swims it loves kiddie pools guys ladies and gentlemen this is the safest way to have a fish or have anything because it can't hurt itself there's no rocks here it's not gonna crash into it and die if it's even a smaller fish it's gonna hit that in curve you like the curves guys it's circular guys get round square tanks aren't that good for your fish they crash into the wall and eventually die so those lobsters up north guys they need really cold water so what we're gonna do we're gonna take this big old thing fill it up with ice and get up that Bob somewhere to swim we need big butter cuz we have a big lobster guys Joey where's the butter eight butter guys let's go can't believe it's not butter butter him up good we go croc nons big eyes for big lobsters all right cool I think one is gonna be enough for that thing to survive for a couple months we're just gonna go ahead and buy this from Walmart we got the ice we got the Poulos guys we got the water big pools little problems guys let's go ahead and head home so buttery Bob Bob is looking like he's ready to fly no bums cool right so buddy let's be honest you guys thought I was gonna keep this as a pet then you're wrong we're eating both of these things I got a big family and some six-pack that needs to be filled up with the pack of I don't know where I was going with that but if he's got one too yeah Bryce and down Bob nice and slow while the other one cooks so much cooking stuff to lean that way your name gonna have something cool to sling hanging with Ketchum oh and looking at his eyes yeah baby babe actually freeze though so we don't want to actually freeze so you just gonna have a little bit of ice we're gonna put some water in here so it's literally gonna be sitting here in a giant vat of ice water [Applause] get off oh all right geez all the ice is pretty much melted but still it's ridiculously cold guys it's probably on a four-year degrees guys so this is gonna stay nice and chilled for another half an hour well this guy behind this finish is cooking thank you so much again Maine lobster now for giving us these two just Giants just absolutely tremendously intense delicious treats guys I'm gonna hold this thing for you up this thing is taller than me sitting down absolutely ridiculous guys this is a smaller one make sure you see what we have cooking right behind us I'm gonna go ahead and separate the pieces while we're outside right here guys oh yeah check this out oh look at Stacey so this is some fresh meat guys fresh lobster just like you cut at any Red Lobster anywhere like that any Publix oh my gosh this is how they do it Oh perfect beautiful meat thank you for sacrificing yourself my friend and then the tail meat guys oh man Wow just like a Florida lobster guts are gone so there's some vest is also some meat in here guys it's such a large lobster that you probably eat the legs guys it's ridiculous but we're not going to do that we're not gonna deal with the intestine and stuff we're just gonna deal with the regular crabmeat so that's the two claws right here and the tail that's where all the meat and the lobster is this really isn't too good and I'm not gonna deal with the guys all right Grammy gather your special present come on let's see what we got in here oh my god so we've been letting this cool guys it is all done no I don't think so look at that my god oh my god how is that how is that tail first oh yeah look at this nothing it's just falling out I think we just cook different way way too long let's see let's see if there's any meeting here oh my god no room dude I think we just cooked it to death here comes the whole thing talking about let me get a little peace boy let slap on some butter slap on some butter my hands burning come on last fire bro yes right check it out because if I wait too long let's try Tommy all comics are amazing good meets great what it wasn't too much in it I don't know I think we just boiled it guys for like way too long so the other one we're just gonna grill it I'm sure it's gonna be amazing that's why you asked me to save the head for you oh my god what do you do what is that what is that what is that deliver huh the tamal what is it oh my gosh oh my gosh don't eat that don't eat that oh yeah deliver oh my god this is the best part what yeah and you put it with like a little butter and B what put that it I dare you to eat that right now open your mouth oh my god boom hums cooking the claws guys the right way I did a really bad job but my mother's a cook of the family you're a legend hey mom oh yeah oh my god oh man that's how you cook a lobster too looks like a nice supply there's so big hole go ahead cuz I I destroyed the other one so bad oh dang that's a giant Georgia now oh that's how it that's how it's supposed to look oh my God look at that thing next to your hand yeah a little bit opaque in the middle here okay better to undercook them to overcome yeah oh oh it's undercooked you see that but that's okay I'm gonna put it back in the border like this okay you just put it in hole on the pan absolutely gorgeous okay can you give you get the fork yup dang that's a big one little get your hands look at my giant hands next to this tail all right let's go okay oh man that's a big tail alright well I guess you just got to cook it right and everything looks great alright we'll enjoy your claws cooked right your tail cooked right good job mama you deserve it I love you and catch them all hey mom

23 thoughts on “PET 15lb GIANT LOBSTER visits RED LOBSTER!

  1. I can’t believe you took that 20lb MONSTER into RED LOBSTER ??? what if it PINCHED YOU BABE! wish I was there ?

  2. You are just plain cruel. I thought you were just kidding about wanting to have him cooked at Red Lobster and that he was really going to be your pet. Wow, just to rip off his claws with no warning in the video, just cruel!!!

  3. When you Torn the prices He was dead right! I mean If not That’s Evil I’m not vegan But That’s common sense

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