Pest Repeller Ultimate AT – How Electronic Pest Control Works

(humming) Do you have a pest problem in your home or office and don’t want to use toxic chemicals, poisons or traps which can be dangerous to your family, friends or pets? The Pest Repeller Ultimate AT combines three safe electronic pest repellent technologies. The Ultra-Ionic feature creates negative ions that cleanse the air and drive out pests. Meanwhile, the ultrasonic transducer emits bursts of sound which repel pests, but are inaudible to people or pets. The Electro-Vibrawave technology is designed to safely vibrate your home’s existing wiring to repel pests living within your walls. (Ultrasonic feature activates) (Ionic feature activates) (Electro-Vibrawave feature activates) (dog snoring) (all 3 features activate again) The Pest Repeller Ultimate AT, only from Good Life. Check out this and other great products at

25 thoughts on “Pest Repeller Ultimate AT – How Electronic Pest Control Works

  1. Have kids, pets & pests? Ultimate AT repels the pests and not the rest in a chemical-free way. Discover how it works: Pest Repeller Ultimate AT – How Electronic Pest Control Works

  2. How come other animals irritate but dog? If doesn't work or don't like it can I return it back?? I want to try your products??

  3. Will this work on millipedes? And how many units should I put in a full basement?

  4. hi would it work for house lizards, I live in a high rise apartment, only 120sqm, would it affect the apartment from the other apartment units around me?

  5. Hi? Does product I actually get rid of silverfish, spiders, beetles and centrepieces? If so i would be happy to purchase it!!!

  6. I am currently using a pest repeleller by pest expel which I bought from and seems to work really good with lifetime guarantee. I am not sure if good life offers lifetime guarantee as well.

  7. Hi Ive been reading some of these comments and I have read reviews, they say this device does not work and that I would be wasting my money, this has also been said by the CEO of consumer affair here in New Zealand , are these people wrong?

  8. I've seen similar products that don't advertise or claim to be effective for bedbugs. What is the difference between the Ultimate AT and other products that makes it effective for bedbugs, while other similar products are not?

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