Pest Management within a Forest Orchard

so one of our challenges is
dealing with pests on this site and that covers a large range
of animals right now for us deer are very important as we
are in the middle of a forest we have a fence surrounding the entire
orchard that was put in by a student and that has been critical for us we have
had issues with porcupine damage particularly to some of our pear and cherry
trees and that’s something that we’re considering how to deal with because we are within
a forest and we manage for wildlife values we have a bit of challenge when
we’re thinking about management here and so it’s something we’re going to be considering
for the future – how to deal with porcupines we’ve also had some vole damage and there
are of course always insects to deal with so one of our jobs is really to monitor to
see what species are being impacted at what times of the year and try
to adjust our management

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