Pest Control with Eddie Jones

Hello, I’m Eddie Jones Air Arms ambassador we’re out today in the British countryside doing some pest control. Today, I brought out the Galahad. It’s 177 carbine, it’s regulated I’ve set it up with a hawk Sidewinder it’s a 3 by 12 by 50. It’s Fitted with the extra sunshade on there, I don’t want no reflection on the lens though that’s the only reason I’ve opted for that. We do get a lot of doves in this wood so I want to make sure it is a wood pigeon I’m shooting that not a dove. Identifications is key, that’s why I prefer this. As you can see here we’ve got squirrel activity here today. This is all fresh they usually go in the same spot for food though this one will definitely come back hopefully later today and we’ll be waiting for him. The reason pest control so important, where we’re shooting today this wood is coppiced a lot. So, the reason why I shoot grey squirrels. they strip the bark off the tree the weather gets in and then ultimately it’ll die and collapse and then that’s one less tree in the forest. There we go, first one of the day. So, we’ve had a walk around for a bit, managed one squirrel. We just set up a blind here now, hopefully, this is a good area where they’re coming traveling across so we should be able to get a few later on. There’s another. In this spot we’re having a bit of a problem, we’ve got Jack Draws over in there nest in here. They’re young at the minute, I wouldn’t shoot Jack Draws at this time of year because of that. They’re on the pest list, but it doesn’t mean we’ve got t shoot everything I don’t think I should kill the mother and leave the babies in the tree dying. For that reason I’m not going to shoot any Jack Draws at this time of year. They are getting a bit stressed out so we probably move somebody even move somewhere else now and let the mothers feed them. Nice female this one. Another good squirrel, this was shot within a minute of the other female it looks like it’s the partner to it. Another nice headshot that’s four for today. Not bad. Managed to cleanly dispatch four grey squirrels today. There are two males one female and one of the young ones. I’m extremely happy about the female, she’s not going to breed again so that’s probably six to twelve squirrels we saved this year. As expected the Galahad performed above and beyond as usual. Tricky shots, some of these in the trees. Another successful pest control there’s a lovely British countryside. It’s not the first time I’ve been out here and it won’t be the last.

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  1. Are you going to eat those squirrels or do you just lug them back in the bush dead? Silly question, only immature kids would just take a life then chuck it in a bush, at lest the foxs get an easy dinner ay.

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