Pest control technicians find ammo hidden in rodent trap in Weston

meanwhile only on local tennis scare today in Weston after a suspicious item was found in a box local 10 News reporter Todd talked and is live on the scene with the latest this is really a strange and scary fine let me show you where this was found it’s up here in this very landscape there you see that box that’s actually a rodent trap and that’s where that ammunition was found right here along State Road 84 but look how close it is to a nearby neighborhood very close indeed now the loaded rifle clip and spare bullets were found inside that rodent trap and police say the ammo was oxidized so it may have been hidden there for days or even weeks but less than a month because they do check these traps and rebate them monthly to pest control technicians with guaranteed control made that unusual discovery as they were rebidding the traps inside the San Messina neighborhood in Weston the bait traps require a key but the clip and ammo were likely slipped into the trap through the pest portal the trap is in a heavily landscaped area right next to a fence along State Road 84 but adjacent to that quiet neighborhood now police did seize the evidence and they’re concerned that someone may be a kid was trying to hide live ammunition that’s just ridiculous somebody is hiding ammunition for whatever purpose to get out of their house or you know hide it for future purposes it’s a little creepy very creepy especially with everything that’s going on you know schools and businesses lately it is no danger to the children in this neighborhood at this point they did look around to see if they could find any other parts of a possible possibly parts of the rifle that that clip belonged to but they didn’t find anything else and they are continuing to investigate for now in West and Todd Tongan local 10 News

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