Pest Control Software 2018

– Pest control has its ins and outs. (fast-paced, frenetic zipping music) It’s not always a picnic. But it’s refreshing to know
that after the job is complete, (boinking) with the touch of my
hand, and on my screen, all that hard working is
instantly archived, noted, and sent directly to my dispatcher. (camera clicking) I can take a picture of the insect so that client knows
what insect was treated and causing the issues, and the photo is insta-matically uploaded
into the work order. And that is what we call
(trunk shutting) A client gallery. I can note everything that went on within this job, and if the client ever follows up on what pest control treatments were used, we have
photos of what was performed, all at a touch of a button via Field Surf. Field Surf is the most affordable and easy to use field
service management software for every technician business. I mean, I
(mobile notification chiming) Excuse me, one sec.
(playful music) (laughter)
Sweet! You see how easy that is? Field Surf not only grows our business, but it grows our relationships as well. Request a demo of their
pest control software, and see what I mean. – [Announcer] Stay ahead of the curve, and maintain excellence with Field Surf. Go mobile, go paperless,
go green with Field Surf. (playful, sneaky music)

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