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Pest control in Phoenix. First Inspection.
We have guarantees on all of our service. We take being honest and integrity very
seriously. We say we’re going to do something, we back that up. We make sure it
gets done. and we give great quality work. One of the things that differentiates us
is our 4D Barrier System. And that is where we hit four different areas. We
start off with your fence line and your outlying areas of your yard. That protects
your home from pests that could be coming from your neighbor’s home. We then go
into around your landscaping areas around your grass barriers. We
granulate and dust those areas which is a waterproof chemical. We then spray right
up against the house and we love to dust around your door frames, because that’s a very
common area for pests to come into your home. And then if necessary we will come
into your home and spray inside there too. All of our indoor pesticides that we use
are odor free and color free so you won’t see them or smell them. They’re pet
friendly. Safe for all your cats and dogs. We do full treatments and that means we
drill garages, we drill front and back patios, we trench around the home. We use
all the best products in the industry. We do weeds and bee service as well. And we’ll
design a treatment that is unique to your needs. We are A-plus rated with the
Better Business Bureau. We’ll treat you the way we would want to be treated and
get rid of your pests. Please give us a call. We would love to make you part of the
First Inspection Family. If you’re looking for termite and pest control in
Phoenix, First Inspection is your number one exterminator. We know the bugs that
bug you and the best methods of protecting your home and family with our
pest control service. Call us for all pest control, including termites, bee
removal and scorpion control with our 4D Barrier System.

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  1. What this company does on a daily basis is incredible. Not many companies out there with the excellent service and reputation that this company has. Thumbs up!

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