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crickets roaches ants silverfish spiders black widows sun scropions scorpions things that make us different here at Las
Vegas Pest Control there’s numerous things that make us different three of them right off hand number 1 our ten point service program this program was created to locate and control insects in and around your home or business it’s a program that our customers can follow
and they understand what the service technicians are suppose to do number two team members team members that have a passion for their careers and their industry and love servicing our client’s
properties and number three accountability we are going to be responsible for our team
members out in the field and here in the office and we’re going to use accountability
such as using our GPS system that we
have in our vehicles and also our quality control
call that we do for our clients you win, the bugs lose so call, at three six nine two eight four seven and for easy reference, three six nine
bugs german roaches american cockroaches turkistan roaches oriental cockroaches

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