Pest control, Health Department inspect theater for mice

from Chris TV this is 6 News at 6:00 a pest control company and folks from the health department went on a mouse hunt today at the AMC theater complex and their inspection kept the theater from opening on time today good evening and thank you for being with us the AMC theater complex at Greenwood and SPID was supposed to open at 1 o’clock this afternoon however that opening pushed back to 6 p.m. because of that walkthrough inspection so is the theater open this afternoon now and were any more mice found where Jeremiah Marshall joins us live from the cinema complex with some answers Jeremiah Lee I want to go ahead and show you the ticket booth area here you can see people waiting to get inside there are signs on the doors that say that they will open the complex here at around 6 o’clock but Lee a Health Department official tells us more mice were found during today’s walkthrough well we don’t know at the time is how many were found Health Department officials began their walkthrough just after 9:30 they left a little before 1:30 their mission was to check the cleanliness of the movie complex and of course look for traces of field mice pest control and maintenance crew also checked theater doors looking for gaps that might let mice in we also reported yesterday a tiny hole is all that mice need to get in unfortunately some moviegoers had to walk walk away because they were told that their movies were cancelled also to ask for the number of dead mice found today we’ll give you that information as soon as we get it and by the way the Health Department will come back on Friday for a third inspection this week

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