Pest control companies keeping busy this summer

pest control companies are staying busy across the Central Coast ants spiders all sorts of insects are trying to creep their way into our homes KSBY is Kelsey mcFarland found out what’s behind the increase she joins us live in orchid Kelsey yeah take a look here a lot of people are dealing with webs like these outside and inside of their homes and experts tell me there’s a lot of different reasons pets want inside our homes but the weather is one of them Justin pledged with O’Connor pest control visits around 15 homes a day helping people with pest infestations in so many colors right now our biggest calling out spiders by far having a lot of Gophers a lot of rodents right now ants are starting to come into it definitely with this warm weather we’re having I expect please we’ll be next on our list warm weather is a contributing factor especially with earwigs fleas and ants it’s too hot too cold it could be anything with ants and they can get intoo I’m sure everybody knows the smallest hole anywhere and just cause headaches spiders are tough to get rid of because California law only allows pest control technicians to spray to feed up and to feed out which excludes the second story of a home Lynne McKenna and her husband are doing some yard work hoping to clear any potential homes for pets I’ve noticed it seems like a few more ants than normal I haven’t sprayed them or anything because they haven’t come into the house yet but if they do they better watch out experts say it’s a good idea to keep your yard up declutter your home and seal food in airtight containers and if you think you have a pest problem call somebody before it gets out of control and experts also tell me a big reason for this increase is the more we build the less nature there is for animals and bugs to live in so they want to share our space live and local in orkut calcium mcfarland KSBY news thanks for the heads-up on that one

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