Pest Control Carpet Moth.

Hi guys Melvyn Williams here Triumph Pest
Control quick chat today if you’re having any issues with moths people tend
to get these in properties in their houses we’ve done a lot of these works
and they start off when you start seeing a few little moths a little sort of tiny
almost like whitey silvery grey sort of when you first see them you might see
this little white like cacooney things at the side of the wall or around the house
by carpet people tend to see bald patches they might move a bit of furniture or
notice a big bald patch on the carpet in the corner somewhere that can be under
furniture many different places throughout a property and when you see the
little cacooney white little creamy almost looking thin they could be in the
carpets and they’re inside those what feed on the carpeting that’s what causes
the damage when you see the moths fly out and about the damage has already
been done to the carpets and it progressively just gets worse if you’ve
got them so if you are having a difficulty those do give us a call we
can treat your property we have done to many people very successfully and we can
then give you advice on what to do and how to do it we carry out spray
treatment throughout the whole property you have to be after the property while
we’re treating and there five hours after once we finished before you
re-enter so do give us a call we can explain exactly what to do and hopefully
reduce the stress of what you’re having so do give us a call thats Melvyn Williams
of Triumph Pest Control thanks guys bye.

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