Pest Control and K-9 Bed Bug Inspection Intro Film

Welcome, my name is Andrew Klein and I’m the
president of Assured Environments. We’ve been in business for 77 years. We specialize in
all forms of pest control, specifically the newest rage in our region: bed bugs. We really
have become a market leader in bed bug remediation. What’s unique about us is that we have highly
skilled, highly trained technicians that have been trained by a team of entomologists who
have been working for us for years. We offer complete bed bug solutions, which include
K9 inspections, green treatments, heat treatments for bed bugs as well as our standard remediation
protocols, which include steam cleaning all of the furnishings, edges of carpets, and
residual pesticide treatment in cracks and crevices, encasements, and dustings of wallboards.
We also have a bed bug annihilator, which is a heat chamber that saves consumers lots
of money on dry cleaning their clothes which is a preparation that needs to be done for
bed bugs. By putting their clothes in the annihilator, we could completely eliminate
bed bugs in less than 30 minutes. If you ever have a problem with bed bugs or any other
pests for that matter, give us a call. We will absolutely help you.

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