Pest control – air rifle shooting birds (chicken farm)

this is the quiscalus lugubris, mostly know as tordo negro this bird is found in northern south america especially in colombia and venezuela I live in carabobo venezuela adult males measure about 27cm long its tail is long and has a completely black color with violet hues adult female measure approximately 23cm long its plumage is brown grey, more dark in the upper parts than the lower they tend to feed on insects, waste or animal feed a friend told me to go to his chicken farm because he had problems with this birds, wich often become plague this pigeon was on a silo

15 thoughts on “Pest control – air rifle shooting birds (chicken farm)

  1. In the US, those birds are called grackles, and they are protected. Lots of us think they should NOT be protected. You can see why. 😉

  2. Not all italian Americans speak italian, not all German Americans speak German, and not all Mexican americans speak Spanish, Please use English

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