Personalized Stainless Steel Dog Bowls With Your Pet's Name

hey it's Chevy from the dog outdoors I'm here today to show you our new stainless steel personalized dog bowl I have always been doing crafting and especially making personalized things for friends and family so Scott has encouraged me to put that passion and hobby in back into the business which I have done and you'll see next to me we have these new dug holes and I think that they're great and I hope you like this in now Scott and I have always preferred stainless steel dog bowls they're really durable they're easy to keep clean and they don't have any harmful materials such as BPA you'll see on here several different sizes that we have we may have more or less at the time of this video just check the website to see you'll also see several different colors and designs on there and these are just the initial designs I've come up with there's definitely a lot more on the website that you can choose from and if you don't see something that you like on here I would be happy to work with you and maybe come up with a new design that that suits what you're looking for so just shoot us an email and we'll see what we can do as far as caring for the bowls Scott and I suggest can washing them however we have tested them on the top rack of the dishwasher and they've done just fine the designs themselves are made out of a high quality outdoor grade vinyl that is made to handle all types of weathering if you have any additional questions please check the page we have a lot of additional information there otherwise you can just shoot us an email thanks so much and have a great day

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