Perfect Pocket Sized Pets – Fox News Sugar Glider Segment

they are marketed as the perfect pocket-sized pet a sugar glider the tiny marsupials are from the rainforests in Australia but now you can buy them at malls and pet stores across the state many are jumping on the exotic animal bandwagon but experts warn buyers beware Fox 17 something cuss is here to tell us or Lindsey sure Janice well I hadn't even heard of these until a few months ago but you can buy them at pet stores right here in West Michigan and the reason they're selling so well is that they're tiny they can fit in your pocket and they're really cute and they're marketed that way but many owners have found out that there's more to it and animal experts say they really shouldn't be pets sisters Jessica and Brenna Sims from Rockford got to sugar gliders last Christmas putting them on their wish list after spotting the tiny creatures at a mall kiosk in northern Michigan we were walking and there's this big crowd of people and like what's over there I was like oh my gosh they're so cute cute they are bug-eyed baby marsupials marketed for their gliding ability in pocket size but the Sims family learned right away these exotic animals were more complex than that they urinate all over the place and they're not afraid to drop all gifts in there the midnight barking I didn't know they barked until we heard them barking the Australian natives are nocturnal so when the lights go out they're not sleeping they jump it one of them does a backflip all night long just jumps from the walls the ceiling and just as backflips and the other ones just running on the wheel or they just jump everywhere and they ring the bells and they're really hyperactive pet stores in West Michigan sell them as cute companions but animal experts say they shouldn't be pets at all they're best left in the wild Shannon King at the John Ball zoo says sugar gliders require a strict diet and lots of space and even a six-foot cage it seems huge to us it's not nearly as enough for them they can't collide like they're meant to glide and it's just it's not a good area for them to be in they're cute and they you know they are cute they buy them there's a lot of people that have them for a year and then we that they cannot take care of them online you can find listings from owners looking to get them off their hands the Simms appreciate the cute factor their advice what I would really recommend is that people do some homework first study up on them and they said again again they are a lot of work sugar gliders are sold as I said right here in Grand Rapids they go for about two hundred and fifteen dollars each pretty costly the pet stores that sell them have to have an exotic license and they're selling pretty well as you can see why they're cute but again a lot of animal groups and even owners as you heard say look this is a lot of work and some people are hoping that this trend just goes away because they can get sick too and those things I've seen a guy that carries went around and in his pocket my everywhere he goes he's been doing it for years like I put it in my hands and I I read that if you hold them tight you know comforts them and he she was okay yeah but you know they're cute but do your research and good stuff thanks Lindsay

31 thoughts on “Perfect Pocket Sized Pets – Fox News Sugar Glider Segment

  1. They didn't bond it or anything and this video is also very outdated and much was learned about the sugar glider. I'd recomend to skip over this vid if you are pre reading the comments.

  2. I let my sugar glider chill in my room at night not in a cage. When they poop you have to pick it up you fucking derp. Every animal pisses and shits wtf do you think.

  3. They are not toy or commodity. Stop that commercial shit. Breed and cage yourselves. It's not funny at all. Mistreatment is not cute! Don't stupefy and numb your children.

  4. To the retarded sisters who own those two gliders: Your cage is way too fucking small and your glider is doing backflips all night because he's miserable in it.

  5. These news people are f***ing dumb as hell!!! Mine are super chill and dont give me any problems!!!! The only part out of that whole segment I agreed with was that you should do your research and study about them, I did my research and studied about them before I purchased my 2… And I love them, u haters!!!!

  6. you can train them to use the bathroom and they are a
    quite animal the only reason they bark is when there nervous or when there not aware of there surroundings

  7. Also they are supposed to be in their cages in the morning and they don't have a place to hide and there is no bed. Again stupid.

  8. They are not supposed to be up during day they a nocturnel and they probably see something at night that scares them. This is a good example of idiot owners because no research has been done same with the parents and the news team sorry if offended any one but its the truth.

  9. Honestly I've had a sugar glider and it never peed or pooped on me and always wanted to be on me. I think it depends on the owner and you should do your home work not just on sugar gliders but any creature you get. Honestly I don't think birds should be caged like they are but people decide to domesticate animals and they become pets. I could say a lot more but that little girl whos getting all up in arms about how sugar gliders shouldnt be pets and how people don't end up wanting them. If you look around every single pet that is out there (cats,dogs,horses, etc.) have this problem. There are shelters everywhere. This is dumb… lol 

  10. Once again people spouting out "facts" that are inaccurate!! Those girls gliders are probably bored and don't get enough attention! They are trainable and make wonderful companions IF your an adult!!!

  11. Once they are fully bounded to you, you can teach them to glide to you on command and mine loves to cuddle up in my sweatshirt pocket.

  12. We have sugar gliders and they are not bad pets. Even though they are nocturnal, they sleep during part of the night. And make great pets.

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