PEPPA PIG gets a new toy House in this Kids Learning Video!

this is fun we my word this room is a mess go play outside then after dinner you two will need to clean your room sorry mummy we'll clean it up later come on George mummy pig is making dinner when she hears something outside who could that be I'm back look daddy pig is home and he brought something with him oh my daddy pig has brought home a big-screen TV daddy pig where did you get that it was on sale at the supermarket excuse me it's quite heavy my word you made a mess oh sorry mummy pig I'll clean that up in a minute oh dear another accident daddy pig can you quit breaking things and help me clean up the kitchen in just a minute I need to clean up this broken mom oh my it's quite broken we don't have room for such a big TV our house is too small you'll have to return it oh now let me call the kids in for dinner Peppa George it's time to eat mummy mummy look what we found outside now can we keep her oh no we don't have room for a pet kitty I guess I'll just have to return the TV I'm sorry but we just don't have room for all these things wait guys I have a surprise that just might help you guys out check it out it's a gigantic Peppa Pig house and it is huge it over 22 inches tall and it has one two three four different levels with one two bedrooms with a cool home office with the computer and a ladder that goes straight up into the attic with a telescope and real opening roof for stargazing in a working limp and a muddy puddle for jumping up and down in and it comes with three figures Peppa with her fairy godmother shirt George with his monkey shirt and Zoe zebra who would come by when we're done setting everything up Wow look at that bathroom in this lovely kitchen does this mean I get to keep my big screen TV and our new kitty cat I suppose so wow that's such great news let's take it out of the box and put it all together Wow good job guys so let's go inside and start setting it up follow me alright let's turn the light on here cool it really works and the first thing we'll add is a big purple sofa now let's check out the kitchen first we'll add this white refrigerator I think it'll look good over here in the corner let's open it up and see what kind of foods inside wow look at all those goodies let's add some of our own how about some yummy donuts I bet daddy pig will love these we'll save these for later next up is a dining room table we'll put this on the opposite side of the kitchen from the refrigerator and now we have one chair and two chairs now we're up in mommy and daddy's room they're gonna need a bed did you know that mummy and daddy didn't even have a bedroom in their old house they're gonna love this and here's a beautiful vanity it'll give their bedroom some character now it's time for George and Peppa's room they'll have a bed as well but this is a bunk bed the bottom bunk has a dinosaur blanket for George and the top bunk has a polkadot blanket for Peppa isn't that really cool wow it looks great and now in the bathroom we'll add this bathtub please splash sploosh and here's our toilet that really opens and closes I'll set it right over here and for our home office we have a computer for doing homework and watching YouTube videos we'll need an office chair as well look it really swivels let's slide it under the computer desk and what could this be it's a telescope for gazing at things that are far far away like stars planets and moons and let's not forget daddy's big screen TV complete with fishbowl and real working switch hey that's cool I think this should go in the living room if daddy pig's gonna get a new appliance mummy pig should too so how about this new oven that really lights up I bet you love that let's put it in the kitchen Wow guys check it out the house looks pretty awesome but we're not done yet before we invite everyone to come look at the house I've got a few more things to make it look complete first they're gonna need food water bowls for their new pet kitty and how about these beautiful flowers for mummy and daddys vanity flowers love sunlight so let's push him over to the window whoa look the Sun lights nourishing the flowers let's add some things for peppa and George's room like this guitar for playing music in this adorable ladder to help them climb up the bed don't you love it now it's time to work in the Attic and here's a globe shaped like the planet Earth that's the planet that we live on and here's some beautiful cactuses for the family to nurture and take care of but don't touch them because they are prickly let's add some things for outside oh this will be fun it's a swimming pool let's place it right over here and here's a pretty surfboard surfing takes a lot of practice but it's tons of fun daddy pig will love this it's a barbecue grill for cooking outside now our giant new house for peppa and her family is complete check out how awesome it looks now it's time to invite the Peppa family to come on over Wow that's certainly a big house let's go inside and check it out it's amazing in here come on in don't forget kitty guys I think Kitty is hungry Oh what is this girl she must have been really hungry Hey look a muddy puddle now look at yourselves you two go take a bath yes mummy pig let's add some bubbles hey getting clean is fun oh I think it's high time I tried my new big-screen TV I'm going to go check out the kitchen it's Genevieve's Playhouse Wow my favorite show oh look some cactuses Thank You kitty you sure are good help Emma I think Kitty wants to take a nap in peppa and George's room all right now let's check back with mummy pig oh it looks like she's gonna put some doughnuts in the oven now that they're clean and out of the bath peppa and George should try on their new clothes Peppa George daddy pig snacktime did you hear that let's go what's all this talk about snacks that was delicious mummy now can we go play go have fun Oh George wants to pick kitty and look he's gonna play the guitar pepper wants to play in the home office well a computer night in the city and a brave band of warriors are having a slumber party hello can I come in and play sure come on in Wow what a nice house thanks Zoey once you go upstairs and paint a picture sure let's go first we'll need some blue now time for some red and alpha yellow what a great picture ha ha what's up there oh that's the Attic want to play in the Attic sure your turn neato look a glow and a telescope let's check it out well I can see outer space besa planet Jupiter with the big red spot and there's Saturn with its rings now I can see the moon there's a rocket ship landing on it it's grandpa pig what let me see it is and he's jumping up and down kids it's getting late we just saw grandpa pig on the moon and he was jumping really high that's nice kids it's still time for bed see you later Zoe good night peppa good night George it's great to finally have a bed all to ourselves yes but what has Chitty gone jeté now that we got some sleep it's a good day for some barbeque and just win no kitty don't oh my I just got back from the moon I didn't miss anything did I hey

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