Peppa Pig English Episodes – Halloween Party! Peppa Pig Official

Rebecca and Richard rabbit are here with mr. rabbit oh what a sight has the party started yet no you're very early church is a dinosaur what are you I'm a carrot gone bad Oh Richard is a monster carrot looks like yes let's go and get the others for the party this is Suzy sheeps house oh it's scary I'm a beautiful vampire I don't know oh um it's someone who sleeps all day and stays awake all night this is petrol ponies house scary scary thing dressed as petrol I'm a superhero superheroes aren't scary I'm a scary superhero it's Danny dog I'm a werewolf Emily and Edmund elephant are here too are you a ghost no I'm a paranormal apparition it's a clever clogs ghost miss rabbit please come to our rescue all the children have brought them give lanten's to play to the competition everyone is here we will get started / 4 isn't here oh where is she miss rabbit rescue helicopter has arrived at grandpa's greenhouse we have to get it to the playgroup in time for the competition I think we will have to start without pepper it won't be fun without pepper the prize for the best pumpkin grown from seed goes to Suzy sheep that's me this is fine the prize for the best pumpkin bought from a supermarket goes to the thighs for the best cobwebs mean spiders and I don't like spiders I do spiders catch flies and flies are horrid well as long as I don't have to see a spider hello mr. Skippy lakes where have you gone find it I don't want it in the house everyone is looking for mr. skinnylegs mr. skinnylegs is not in the filing cabinet mr. skinnylegs is not under the chair mr. skinnylegs is not on the table oh I wonder where mr. sounds like okay we'll take mr. skinnylegs into the garden now mr. skinnylegs it is starting to rain mr. skinnylegs is running back to the house I don't want mr. skinnylegs in the house daddy pig let's take mr. skinnylegs a bit further into the garden a nice tree for you to live in he's making a web Peppa spiders live in webs and used them to catch flies yes some animals eat in the daytime like my chickens and some animals eat at night like Oh mr. Fox grandpa pig put in your chickens debate oh yeah oh yes nice and cozy in the henhouse surely good well I'll be on my way good night good night now as I was saying some animals eat at night animal in your bucket haha yes it's a hedgehog they like to eat slugs and snails yes Peppa he is very shy come out mr. Chuck don't be scared I like hedgehogs they are very good at keeping slugs and snails off my lovely letters yes there are moths butterflies that come out at night they like the torchlight when it goes off they leave when the light goes on they come back and if we leave the torch off we can see another very tiny night animal look up at the sky no that is a Firefly it has a tummy that glows George has found a spider in the sink George wants the spider to be his friend George likes the spider the spider likes George Peppa loves playing tea parties study we are Glocks yesterday oh I'm sorry mummy I must've eaten them all naughty daddy George is putting the spider to bed night-night George what are you doing you have to help me with the Tea Party no need to panic hello George have you seen the spider there's no need to be afraid pepper Oh spiders are very very small and they can't hurt you but don't worry daddy will take it out of the bedroom well he's quite big isn't he um I'll just fetch mummy pig mummy pig Peppa feels a little bit braver he likes being in my doll's house hello children I hear you found a little spider I'll take him out of the bedroom so you two can play mummy his name is mr. skinnylegs Susy is wearing her nurse's costume hello Susie I'm glad the nurse has arrived have you just come from the hospital I'm not a real nurse it's just pretend very good my my who have we here pirates shiver me timbers which I can turn you into a frog what are you Rebecca rabbit I'm the carrots fantastic come in there's a fairy princess and a dinosaur waiting to meet you I'm princess Peppa you must bow would you speak to me hello your majesty I'm not Suzy open wide and say ah [Laughter] something funny Rebecca why are you dressed as a carrot I like carrots scary dinosaur Peppa is admiring herself in the mirror mirror mirror on the wall who's the fairest of the moon hello Peppa hello I'm a little fairy princess I'm a witch you know I've got two magic words I've got a magic once ooh I can turn you into a stroke and I'll turn you in oh yeah George is scared of his own reception Peppa has found some sticks George has found some string good I'll tie the sticks together to make the body granny pig has found some straw and an old sack lovely I'll put the straw in the sack to make thingy now the scarecrow needs something to wear here's a bag of old clothes George has found a dress mr. Scalli doesn't wear a dress Peppa has found a coat very good George has found a hat very good George mr. scarecrow needs a face that's right would you and George like to paint a face yes please George paints the eyes and nose the mastic mr. scarecrow is ready the little birds are looking for grandpa pig's flower seeds don't worry Peppa mr. scarecrow will scare them off mr. scarecrow has scared the little birds away good now my flower seeds will not be eaten yes they must be hungry that's why I brought this it's a bird feeder it's not no Giants the shadow is being made by a cloud Wow what sort of cloud is it it's a big cloud it's called cumulus yes Edmund elephant is a clever clogs our shadows are getting longer that's because the Sun is getting lower in the sky it's nearly nighttime my shadow has gone yes Emily when the Sun sets the shadows go away Papa George the time it is bedtime I'm a bit sad that my shadows gone away don't be sad pepper the electric light can make shadows and we can make Shadow Puppets mummy pig is using her hands to make a shadow puppet listen to it sing tweet tweet I'm a little birdy my turn peppers made a spider my name is mr. skinnylegs look scary George is making a shadow puppet George I sure George has made a dinosaur that's really scary very good George time to switch the lights out good night Peppa good night George good night shadows good night shadows once upon a time in a castle there lived a little princess and she was called the sleepy princess daddy why was she called that I'll get to that later what's the sleepy princess pretty yes she was very pretty she loved looking at herself in the mirror well the others in the castle were the small prince queen mummy he and King daddy that's right they were all living there as well of course but he was very handsome like me anyway there was also a dragon a dinosaur oh yes it wasn't a dragon it was a dinosaur living outside was a huge fierce dinosaur maybe a dinosaur isn't quite that fierce daddy pig sorry George no the dinosaur was very gentle it had lots of plants daddy pig oh sorry I was being the dinosaur sleepy princess I'm coming to that you see the sunset and the stars and moon came out and everyone got fairly sleepy but the most sleepy of all was the sleepy princess Peppa are you sleepy ladies and gentlemen welcome to our play the Little Red Riding Hood first let us meet the actors please for the sake of the actors no photography please and now our play begins and ma is at home but who is this visitor oh dear Danny has forgotten what he says next grandma you must go in the cupboard well go in cupboards the big red wolf is pretending to be grandma I'm going to visit my grandma take photos oops sorry pepper you don't look like my grandma big eyes you have look who's here just in time Peto the hunter help just in time Pedro the hunter Pedro is a bit shy hey doll would you like me to come on with you yes please you are a very naughty wolf thank you once upon a time there was a little boy called Pedro pass me honey fans of mine Jimmy oh yes now Pedro planted that bean and it grew it's really nice Beanstalk but went high into the sky that's right Petro climbed to the top of that Beanstalk and found a horrible big giant but I don't work that I want to princess oh yes there he found a beautiful princess Peppa Pig and so George a brave knight let me pig daddy pig and Grandpa pig a waiting to eat dinner I'll go and see what's keeping granny pig naughty granny pig you woke the little ones grandpa I'm good at ending stories granny pig and you go downstairs I won't be long well after they ate the lovely dinner everyone fell asleep granny Pig mummy pig and Daddy pig are still waiting to eat dinner that bedtime story doesn't seem to be working I'm the expert at telling bedtime stories I'll have the sleep in no time where are your shoes now I need to look beautiful just like me Peppa has found mummys makeup box daddy pig it's time to go to work mummy pig is working on her computer Peppa hello George I beg your pardon pepper I was just saying hello I'm not put a pig I might be pink oh yes of course hello mummy pig hello and this is daddy pig George ah and hello to you too daddy pig [Laughter] yes that no thank you goodbye Peppa George Danny dog Suzy sheep and Wendy wolf it's a tent it's a cowboy camp where Cowboys sleep at nighttime are you going to sleep air in the night no that might be a bit scary but we can pretend it's nighttime but it's nighttime just pretend the Sun is the moon okay petrol can we be Cowboys – yes you could be my partners it's my little cowboy hungry I sure AM MA that's how Cowboys speak would you cowboys and cowgirls like something to eat – next to the Mummy's kitchen no you have to pretend the house he's not here this is the Wild West it's not the Wild West is the land where Cowboys live what – Cowboys do they sell stories sing songs and ate maize beans on toast for everyone Cowboys love beans on toast everybody loves beans on toast Cowboys [Applause] yes I made it up and it goes like this I'm a brave cowboy enemy to my beans with a big bali-ba pepper and her friends dressed up then Danny dog has a dressing up box full of pirate clothes who wants a biscuit now it's a treasure chest let's find some treasure to put in it someone has to stay here to guard the pirate ship me I will guard it if you see someone coming shout stop who goes there stop who goes there okay let's go find some treasure Danny dog likes being a pirate everyone likes being a pirate Danny has found a pinecone Peppa has found a shelter Z has found an old bit of rope Freddy has found a pebble treasure oh just have a little sleep Pedro always takes his glasses off before he sleeps let's creep up on Pedro yes Danny Peppa Suzy and Freddy are creeping up on Pedro

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  3. And it’s a good time to come home to my brother house tomorrow morning and I will be home in 34 minutes
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