People Try Matching Costumes With Their Pets

(upbeat instrumental music) – I’ve never worn matching costumes. – I think this is the first time I’m celebrating Halloween with my cat. – Last year was her first Halloween, put a dress on her, which she got off in approximately 30 seconds. – We put her in a little
Halloween costume, and have her greet trick-or-treater’s. – She’s a rescue story, or
I guess I’m a rescue story. And all of this fur
are just fur sprinkles. For, for everybody. (lively upbeat music) – So I’m gonna draw out of here what my costume’s gonna be, let’s see. – Lilo and Stich! – Holy Hound and Naughty Nun. (laughs) What! – King Crab and Mermaid Princess. Am I the mermaid princess? (upbeat music)
– Look! – [Matt] Oh my god. (upbeat music) – This is the most covered up I’ve ever been in my entire life. (upbeat music) – Oh my god, Jolene, you look so cute! (laughing) Hi sweetie. – This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. – Look it, you’re already surfing. Are you surfing? (singing Hawaiian tune) – I don’t know why her boobs
are on her back, that’s weird. – It’s hard to find plus sized
costumes for cats nowadays, I think there’s an initiative
to keep cats skinny. She’s a kitty with
curves, and this costume’s just a little bit snug on her. – This costume’s a good weight loss plan, I’ve already lost three pounds. – I feel like we look really cool. – I would totally wear this
costume out with my cat. – Matching costumes, it can come off as borderline creepy I think. (laughing) (laughing)
(creepy instrumental music) (metal sign creaking)

100 thoughts on “People Try Matching Costumes With Their Pets

  1. tried to put a cowboy hat and bandana on my cat. cat got hat off in approximately three seconds. gave me betrayed look for next ten minutes.

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  3. I'm surprised the cat didn't claw her owner's face when she held him like a baby.

    but the cat is adorable so byeee

  4. I have an English Bull Terrier who I bought a Super Man costume for this Halloween and I'm going as Wonder Woman 😉

  5. I'm dressing my puppy (Teddy) In a witch costume now bare with me, He's a boy.

    So he's being a transgender witch for Halloween!

  6. My brother is dressing his two dogs up as Batman and Robin, and he's going to be the riddler 🙂 his pups are going to be SOOO cute

  7. My cat would scrat h my eyes out even if I just tried to Put a collar on her… If I tried to Put her in a costume, she'd kill me. My dog on the other Hand would Probably just sit There like: "Hooman whyyyy"

  8. Two years ago I was a Pink Lady and my dog was a T-Bird…. And last year I was Dorothy and my dog was Toto…which means he didn't have to wear anything which he was quite happy about.

  9. i'm sorry but people who put clothes on their pets will never not be weird (unless the animal doesn't have fur and like, needs them to stay warm or something)

  10. going to be honest here I really want to find that stitch costume for my cat but knowing me he would tare that costume to shrades which would be sad because I really love the movie Lilo and stitch.

  11. I couldn't put a costume of my cat :(. I once brought tiny kitty socks and put them on him, he tore my arm to shreds. If I put a costume on him it'd probably be my funeral ??

  12. One time I went to a dog shelter halloween party I worked at. I used to volenteer but I loved it so much its a part time job. Now at the time there was a dog there. Her name was Bobo. I got her (This was last year and during christmas I adopted her and remained her Banji because when I was 10 my brother. had a cat named bobo and the cat died one year old. (The cat hated me anyway)

    Sense banji was white we dressed up as angels and I loved her so much I adopted her during christmas the year college ended.

  13. I'm surprised they didn't freak out because lilo's Hawaiian and supposedly we're not supposed to make fun of that culture.

  14. This year I'm going to make my own costume and me my puppy and we are going to be a horse and a rider (I'm the horse and my puppy will be the rider) and I'm so excited because I just absolutely love horses and Halloween and it is going to be so much fun

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