People That Took Bodybuilding To The Extreme

people that took bodybuilding to the extreme Mustafa Ismail Mustafa Ismail is the controversial 2013 Guinness world record holder for biggest biceps at 31 inches in diameter which is about the average size of a human waistline according to his smile he doesn't abuse any steroids or other drugs but it is rather weird to see his arms in comparison to the rest of his body which is proportional and of average size mustafa claims to eat about 7 pounds of protein each day but the fitness community accuses him of injecting oil known as synthol directly into his arms Gregg Valentino Gregg Valentino also known as the man whose arms exploded is one of the least liked people in the bodybuilding world he represents a world where bodybuilders completely depend on drugs steroids and synthetic oil injections in order to make their body look bigger Valentino went too far and made his arm literally burst his bicep got severely infected from a dirty needle so he attempted to perform surgery on himself by cutting it open and draining the blood Valentino has also been in and out of rehab and jail for the possession distribution and usage of steroids Gary Hyman gary Hyman was an Australian bodybuilder who was competing in the IFBB competition in Victoria Australia in 2009 hai Ming had a heart attack and collapsed on stage during his set despite officials performing CPR Jaime was pronounced dead at the hospital what was even crazier was that the competition continued after Jaime was taken to the hospital Jaime's death was another dark cloud over the bodybuilding world and the health factors associated with supplement and drug abuse Sally McNeil Sally McNeil got into bodybuilding after she served in the Marine Corps her husband Ray was also involved in the sport however Sally's body and mind didn't react well to the massive amount of steroids and testosterone that she was ingesting daily she became prone to having what is known as roid rage much of which resulted in several different people being beaten Sally also dropped a 70 pound weight on her husband's car in April of 1996 sally shot ray to death in the chest and currently serving a life sentence Markus rühl Markus rühl currently has the biggest shoulders in bodybuilding history and is believed to be one of the strongest as well rule trained for five years for his first competition and became quite the success in the fitness world however in 1999 he was disqualified from the mr. Olympia competition after testing positive for diuretics which is a substance that promotes the production of urine by rejecting any form of water that enters the body ruel believed that his muscles and veins would pop out even more if you were to dry out his body from h2o andreas Munzer andreas Munzer is one of the most tragic deaths and bodybuilding history he never stopped his training nor did he ever take a break from a very strict diet also he was taking diuretics and other drugs in order to maintain and improve his physique in March of 1996 munzur was experiencing severe stomach pains and was admitted to the hospital and it turned out that he was internally bleeding munters liver and kidneys shut down and munzur died after an autopsy over 20 different drugs were found in his system his liver was filled with tumors and his heart was twice the size of an average party arlindo de sousa Arleen though this oza aka the mountain is a brazilian bodybuilder who was famous for his 29 inch fake biceps unlike Mustafa Ismail de Souza admits to using a cocktail of oil and alcohol that he regularly injects into his arms and upper body doctors have warned us Houser that if he continues there's a high possibility of infection which will result in amputation however he has ignored these recommendations and continues to work out with his oil filled arms you won't see this out at a public gym however as he currently works out in a makeshift gym in his yard which is ironic considering his makeshift muscles zees Aziz shaver Sheen aka zis was a famous young Russian Australian bodybuilder in the YouTube community he established a cult following and became a fitness icon in the internet world his subscribers worshipped him like a god and they believed his gains were all natural however during a vacation in Thailand 2011 Z's suffered a heart attack inside a sauna he was taken to the hospital but doctors were not able to revive him he died at the age of 22 from heart failure most likely due to substance abuse his death was announced on his Facebook page and since then multiple fan-made tributes have populated YouTube Fitness channels

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  1. The captions picture WHAT TF IS THAT ? HOW YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT MY ? HE CANT BE REAL????3:11 you can just kill yourwelf look at you ????‍♂️??

  2. Man, some of them should immediately get a part in some of the superhero films…

  3. ZYZZ died from a preexisting heart condition that was unknown to him and as well he didn't hide his steroid use, for fuck sakes there's picture of him injecting.

  4. Man I hope my muscles won't all of a sudden explode man, even though I don't have hugs muscles, man I'll never take steroids bro.

  5. Zyzz is the only good looking one on this list, and there's no way to tell if he was on gear, he never said he was on roids

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