People, pets share HK parks (28.4.2019)

you want to come out do you want to come out one day the grassland hopping a go here and there with the owner hold Ohio there is a large grassy area here for the dots to run and play in we don't have to worry about them being hit by cars pet parks are not big enough and some owners need to walk their dogs by the road which is quite dangerous I think this is a very good places for for peoples who don't have dogs to know more about dogs and for the children's to learn more about how to love dogs pets like these can now enjoy running around Kai Tak runway park under a one-year trial scheme that enables the use of park facilities by different users in an inclusive environment we received a lot of requests from the public to open up the path in entirety for them to reset with pass in response the trial scheme of inclusive path for pairs was launched by the department in January 2019 under which safe suitable parks were selected from various districts to be opened up for pass as these paths are not specifically designed for use by pass additional dog is greater collection bins have been provided and cleansing efforts have been stepped up we hope the pass and other part users will be happy to share the joy of playing impulse having the kids actually enjoy it we are not a pet owner but everything is fine just just for them to get in touch with the dogs there might be some regulations around so we don't see a lot of cool around I think they're well managed I think both of their owners are actually having some strings attached to the dog so even as a parent of young kids we are not very concerned about to keep the parks clean and safe the department has issued the users code for inclusive parks or pets first please keep keep us under control so that we will not disturb other packages for us not to pee pee and poop poop everywhere these people clean the scheme has received positive feedback since its launch in January park facilities are improving for owners and their pets and the department plans to add gain facilities for pets it will review the effectiveness of the trial scheme one year after its implementation to consider whether to provide an inclusive Park for pets in more districts

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