People Guess Who's a Couple from a Group of Strangers | Lineup | Cut

hey you love each other okay every time it gets weird I have no idea oh sweet oh no pressures all inside how many couples fire crackles okay not so awful it I won't open the hardest bug now you can't really tell nowadays it's like a salad all types of shit mixed in I'm saying you can kind of tell by the way a guy looks at a girl there's like dating their style like if the girls dressed to the nines with heels we could ensure her boyfriends not going to be wearing like sweats and some slides or anything I I don't have one yet it will be a process I'll get there not really but all right let's go fun all right all right can I ask name okay Thank You Hannah I'll be um a little different now in this life and all these beautiful people I am just trying this is gonna be a lot harder now because I didn't really take into fact they're like not everyone could be straight so I think it's it's evolving feel like these two are a couple I don't know why probably not you guys come out right here okay what's your name touch me what's your name drink very similar height and they also choose similar colors the neutrals at the bottom the blue at the top Darren soon his eye he started earth well he can't hold a straight face he looks like he's in love yeah I feel like I got it he's laughing now yeah they are not isolette these tumors refers reasoning whoa they're both around the same age they're dressed kind of matching fact they're matching this shit you know their beard and hair color is trimmed up looking nice you know they just seem like they know each other do you want me tell her yes very much see I see in this part I don't know see if I have a check out now I'm kind of doubting myself let me see if any of the guys with mad I think they're together oh yeah okay yes that that would be my first of all right okay Yukiko right here please you this is nothing – I'm pretty sure about this one I want to be like judgment so I put label I feel like you're not great and I feel like you're not I just get in his vibe like it's like he's hitting me a favor both of their looks than they were like not by each other just like was really peaceful usually like this was like again you want to write in shape the kid seemed like her do you could be like them more like she's like a receptionist hi pain she probably ordered like champagne and he had like a glass of red wine and they just kind of like people watch loved it like we did that last weekend that was smooth they are cold motherfucker no my dog may be a matchmaker is shit can I answer that Oh Lucy busing it up motherfucker are you nervous or you pull of my man's right in yeah yes hold hands for me he does I even love my man's already got the ring no no development hold on all right only four left is like one of the trains am I ready this is going to get interesting yeah see I already filled it they have the chemistry and that's very important I did notice that he has a tattoo on his chest and she has a couple on her arms that might be a sign how the legit like via the club my CDs too you know Sammy Papa can shock that I'm a good at time dancing dance together they're close they're really close I wouldn't do that was just a stranger I was with those shoes 1:51 how much were those they both have expensive taste they're probably a rich couple no I kind of felt like you know they was good together a minute's hell at all you know she's pretty talkative any guys good c-can I just wish my laughing okay now now can you kid what I guess wish again okay it gives everything away what I see I'm so excited there's way too much has been going on whoa oh oh yes Levi ones obvious yeah I was kind of right come to knew himself this motherfucker dog what's good oh then my know so I wouldn't get that any simple together hi why did you pair them oh you know that was close so I mean right now you're the name I would definitely say the outfit there's only one thing I thought was like off my guns you just seemed a lot older cool when I asked him to kiss she was like not for it at all he was ready but he seemed ready hey I'll just go good I think I think both my glasses I did yeah I'm so bad at guessing look at that flag er look at that grill build a raft I didn't know [Applause] for some reason I was like that could be braces I know repairing like whose lack of it I was like Section seven look what people think you guys are friends or a couple hey we get friends we get sisters we get twin yeah we're on line one my name is all POF really needed like each other yeah reversal when a pleasure have a good one ISM you see whenever there's a VC oh my god

42 thoughts on “People Guess Who's a Couple from a Group of Strangers | Lineup | Cut

  1. “I’m the new hitch out this mother fucker dawg, wus good”
    “got 2 outta 5”
    “Ah damn, I’m high as fuck” ????

  2. 0:22 "hoW MaNy coUpLeS?" Well… if there are 10 people and a couple (relationship) is 2 people. Clearly that girl is not good at math.

  3. Ugh not even 1 same sex couple. Missed opertunity man could've messed them up. Would've been cool to see as well.

  4. waaaait ok would we able to object from the line if our boyfriend had to kiss another girl??! Cause I don’t think I’d be ok with that! Lol

  5. I’m hollering already because my girl said “You can tell if a girl is in heels she won’t be with a guy in sweats and slides”. All my boyfriend wears is sweats and I’m usually the one that dresses up?

  6. " pairing up two black people, I thought it could be racist"… WTF has gone wrong with this world? The reality is most people pair up with their own race. Why the fuck is that racist.
    These SJW/leftists of today are disturbing.

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