People Guess The Breed Of Dogs By Petting Them

you can smell their breath I know you're a big on dog yeah I love it so much today we're going to be guessing dog breeds no oh like we don't get to see the doll this is so much harder well I came in what do you sauces this is dog very long snout is it a cat or like a rat or something is this a joke giant rat is it a dachshund I think she's a leaner doggie Oh totally like I think the features of that dog were pretty easy to guess the long body the short hair I'm actually feeling better about this now hi you got a dog yeah oh so soft oh you're a big guy you're like a really big guy yeah you're a big you're a big old buckaroo there he's got tiny little ears little bit coarser fur a good good little belly good tush yeah good I wouldn't know according it's not a quarry he has short little ears I swear to God if it's a fox or something like that cuz that would be really cool is it a fox sukira Geneva Sheba yeah the short little snout short little ears no tail she's a beauty usually the Doge we got two for two oh we are dogs let's guess more fur babies alright alright we're dealing with a lot of fur this is a golden retriever yeah I'm gonna go with a retriever I don't know this is like a bear Oh is stylish Manila bandana feel like we have a similar style hey smells smells pretty good for a dog I I think I'm wrong I think this might be like some kind of a wolf dog Game of Thrones it's practical yeah can I get a kiss that was quite the experience a day that starts with doggies is a day that's okay with me I think when you're put to the test your dog breed knowledge will surprise you I don't mind dog breath that breath is good yeah it's good it's just one man's opinion dog breath is good

41 thoughts on “People Guess The Breed Of Dogs By Petting Them

  1. Title: People guess breeds of dogs

    Glasses guy:
    Is this a rabbit?
    Is this a cat?
    Is this a fox?
    Is this a wolf?
    Is this a giant rat?
    It's a shakira!

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