Penny’s Puzzle Challenge – Pug Vlog

Penny, what do we got there? This is a treat puzzle game that Penny got
for Christmas. It’s um, we got it at Pet Smart made by Toys R Us Pets and Penny’s already
checking it out to see what’s going on um, you’re supposed to put treats in there and
see if they can figure out if they can get them. You may have seen our Treat Wheel Puzzle. Penny! Get out of there Penny! Penny! You may have seen our Treat Wheel video and
Penny figured that out eventually and she likes to…she sees there’s treats up on the
table. Um, let me get some treats in this set up and then let’s see how Penny does. What do you think? You think she’s gonna do
it? I don’t know. Easy! Penny get down! She’s already so excited. Just want to show you what this looks like
out of the box. Um, it’s kinda like a little puzzle and there’s holes so she’s gonna be
able to see and smell the treats and there’s also some treads on the bottom so that maybe
it won’t slide all over the place while she tries to do it. [Laughing] Lets see if we
can get her to try this out. Okay Penny, you ready? Let’s see if you can
figure out how to open this up. Oh, I kinda feel bad. These treats I got her
actually smell really good. They’re like in a coffee…they look like, they are in a Starbuck’s
coffee cup and they’re like cinnamon and cinnamon latte or something it’s called, I don’t know
but it smells like people food. [Laughing]. Penny, can you do it? [Laughing]. Awe. Come
on Penny, you can do it! Right everybody? Hit that like button if you think Penny’s
gonna be able to do this. Awe Penny, are you giving up? Are you giving
up Penny? Come on get the treats! Get it! You gotta pull it out! I don’t have any. They’re not in my hand.
[Laughing]. Come on Penny, I know you can do it. Let’s see if she can get these treats out
of there. Oh, it came out. Yes! Yea, you did it Penny!
You got the first piece out. Oh she’s gonna… all right! Okay, good girl, you did it! Can you get the
rest of them? Figure that out? Penny, Penny, Penny! Penny, Penny! You can
do it Penny! [Laughing]. Where are you going? She’s just
gonna sit here. Come on, get the treats! Get the treats! Penny. Okay, we’re on a minute fifteen here.
Are you just gonna stay there looking at me? Come on you got one! Come on! [Laughing]. Do you guys have dogs? If you do, comment
down below, let me know what kind of dog you guys have and do you torture them with puzzles
like I do with Penny here? Come on girl, you can do it. Come on! Come
on Penny. You’re not even trying. Come on. Here! Here. Good girl. Look how good she’s sitting. What
a good girl. You want to sit next to me? Close up. Extreme
close up of Penny. [Laughing]. Look, there’s the empty one. Penny look, you
did this one! Let’s put that back in there, see what she does. Hello. Hello Penny. Penny, you look so perplexed.
She just burped. That was gross. [Laughing]. Try harder! You’re not trying!
Awe, oh my gosh. Is this so sad or what? Look how good she’s being. Awe, Penny! You’re being
such a good girl! Girl, come on try, try, try. Do or do not. There is no try. What if I hold it straight like this? Can
you get it? Ruff, ruff, I’m a little doggie. [Laughing]. She looks so confused! I feel
really bad. This is taking like a long time now. This dog can dig through the garbage to find
the littlest crumb but she is not wanting to do this. I don’t know what’s going on here. Where’s the treats? [Laughing]. Wrong side
dog. [Laughing]. Why are you jumping away from it? It’s just a stupid plastic puzzle.
Are you afraid of it? Oh my gosh that was so weird. Penny. Come on, come on. What if I did this?
Look, I’m cheating for you! Penny! [Laughing]. She just came over here to sit by me. Penny,
we’re not getting anywhere. [Laughing]. Hi guys. Penny! The puzzle is over on that side.
[Laughing]. I don’t know this is starting to get to super fail. [Laughing]. Okay, come on Pen. Look, I opened this thing
up for you. Can you do it? Look, look! Just… She’s getting angry! Why are you barking…why
are you growling at it? Penny is throwing a fit now. Penny. My dog’s getting angry. [Laughing]. Penny! Oh, you are so weird. Here.
Oh, what’s that in there? Yea. Why are you barking at it? I can’t believe she was just
barking at that. That’s weird. She just jumped back. She’s gonna fight with
the red piece. I bet Rocky could do this puzzle. Why are you yelling at the puzzle, it’s a
piece of plastic? Oh my goodness Penny does not like this puzzle.
I’m so sorry Penny. [Laughing]. This puzzle is a total fail for us today. It is, I don’t
know, I don’t know if Penny’s just not used…we don’t do a lot of things like this but she’s
not feeling it and it’s making her angry, so let’s…come here Penny. Good girl, you
can have treats. You’ve been a good girl, a good sport. What do you guys think, was Penny a good sport?
[Laughing]. Poor Penny, I’m a mean mommy, aren’t I? Making
her do all this work. I feel bad though. She’s gonna eat her treats. So this is Penny verses The Puzzle Treat and
it did not go very well. She’s picking up any crumbs she can and giving this another
go but I do not think she liked it. Penny, say goodbye! [Laughing]. Thank you guys so much for watching. Please
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and you can see lots of pictures of Penny on our Instagram. We’re doing a new Penny
project this year. Daily Penny 2015 and we’ll see you again real soon. Bye! Penny, say bye!

43 thoughts on “Penny’s Puzzle Challenge – Pug Vlog

  1. Penny tried intimidating the puzzle by barking! Lol She thought the puzzle stold her treats! In the end she still got the treats, so puzzle 0, Penny 1! : )

  2. Sooo cute! Poor penny just didn't know what to think! "I know there's a treat in there!!!"We have a toy poodle and a weimaraner, they hate puzzles !

  3. could you please subscribe to my channel. I'm going to post more videos of my pug and i would like it if you guys would watch it. i don't wanna be a pest but i feel like this is only how you can grow a youtube channel. last thing, penny you have a cute pug

  4. What a cutee facee!PENNY PENNY :O I have a dog too but it's mixed..i mean that is husky and akita , she is so cute

  5. aww so cute ame so sad penny dident know how to open it 🙁 i have a jack russel wit a chiguague and i have 4 puppies i hope u guys can be come full with joy i love u guys 🙂

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