Penny Goes To Prison Part 2 Homeless Puppy Rescue on American Strays – Howl & Hope For DoDo Dogs

my name is Kathy gray I will be here yes that looks like dying I think it's a pitbull mix everything up no we are here to pick up Penelope I'm the president of refurbished pets of southern Michigan here I run the prison program we get dogs from various shelters and animal control facilities that don't really stand a chance and temperament test them and we send them in for training with the inmates most of them that come in let me – we see a lot of emaciated dogs we nurse them back to health if she is up-to-date on foretellers the super tiny so she has all of her treatments in here and it's sort of this paperwork starts from most recent works if you guys want to go and guys want to go upstairs well you know we try to find a good fit for the animals who come into our facility and Penelope is a dog that can use a little extra special attention and this program with refurbished pets just seems like it seems like a good fit for her she needs a little extra off but even give it to her very mention this is a new partnership and something we're really excited about we went out and toured their program and the dogs just they all just seemed so happy and relaxed and I think that she's gonna do really would just that'll thing you know just happy to see everybody which is going because she was tired her on it she had a really severe secondary skin infection with her mange and she had pustules under her stomach and open lesions on her skin and open infection so a lot of it was clearing up a lot of that infection along with dealing with the main situation stress will not help the mange any so we want to make sure she's not stressed and the skin is healed and then she'll be going into a three months training program in the prison where she will become a canine good citizen there are nine basic commands and then they usually learn we have dogs coming out to know thirty some tricks on average she'll probably know a little trick rollover and things like that so and at that stage once she actually goes into the prison and in training she will be available for adoption we screen all of our adapters and hopefully she'll never end up back in the situation again your legs she's silly I don't know how much time you spent with her but she's she's silly like she'll come up on her ball and she'll town she'll jump all the way up and come cuz you're silly you lando serious and me quit and people around the she's like total jokester good luck Cathy nice job thank you it's all about the temperament of the dog to go into this type of program some dogs are just not going to do well in a prison environment the environment inside is like its own little city there's throw 500 inmates the inmates actually have to apply become a dog well they have to have a minimum of a GED they have to be misconduct free for a year they cannot be in for certain crimes they have to teach the dogs nine basic commands they're very proud of what they do the dogs are in for 12 weeks minimum training and they become very attached to the dogs it really builds their confidence as far as an mates and the dogs we have had over 200 dogs through that have been trained once they're trained we find the dogs homes ready you ready you ready we're 100% volunteer none of our volunteers get paid we have been going since three years in the prison four years ago we started the rescue and we're proud to say that it doesn't cost the state of Michigan any money all the dogs of course are spayed and neutered and they come out wonderfully trained one of the main reasons people get rid of their dogs is because it's not trained so it's an all-around great and hi I'm Tom McPhee with the world animal Awareness Society I'm currently on the city streets of Detroit County stray dogs we want to solve the mystery of how many let's take a look at some of the stories that we serve I I would kill the Diamondback come on tell me cuz I want Wow Sol's over face burn apply whoa go on boy

10 thoughts on “Penny Goes To Prison Part 2 Homeless Puppy Rescue on American Strays – Howl & Hope For DoDo Dogs

  1. Who in the F would live in an cesspool like Michigan? its bad for animals, what humans would live there?

  2. Penny was so sad and sick… what a transformation! All they need is someone to love and care for them. She's looking beautiful and are wishing her the very best at the prison. Off to watch part 3, thank you to rescuing animals in need!

  3. This truly is a wonderful story. When Penny was barking with the ball IN her mouth, I couldn't help but laugh.
    Thank you to everyone, for all of the hard work that you do. Each and every one of you make a profound difference in the lives of these animals.

  4. You can find the entire series linked at the end of the video – click the top link to take you to the entire series, and details about the American Strays Project

  5. i hope its ok to post this here. where can i see the entire episodes . i would so appreciate any info. im watchingthis video now
    I support this.

  6. Hey Mel,
    So glad you are tuned in. Only 34 more episode in the series… Have you been watching the evolution on the science side? We have some new academic and technology partners that are helping us build a world standard survey system.
    ~Tom McPhee
    Executive Director
    World Animal Awareness Society

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