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to provide your pet with a comfortable trimming experience your pettypaws has been designed to automatically stop or slow down if too much pressure is applied to your pet snail be patient take your time and remove thin layers with each pass you and your pet will be pleased with the results congratulations on your recent purchase of pettypaws the precision rotary file designed to make trimming your pet snails safer easier and more fun this video will ensure that you know how to properly use and maintain your pettypaws unit so you and your pet can enjoy safe and easy nail filing for years to come first you'll need to install batteries you'll need two fresh c alkaline batteries now unscrew the battery cap on the bottom of the unit counterclockwise you'll want to insert them into the pettypaws positive side down as indicated on the side of the unit next securely replace the battery cap on the bottom of the pettypaws now you're ready to trim your pets nails safely and easily when using pettypaws for the first few times you'll want to get your pet familiar with the sight and sound of the product because you'll be using pettypaws instead of your old nail clipper your pet may initially be startled but don't worry with some time and patience your pet will grow to become comfortable with pettypaws and enjoy having their nails groomed regularly remember you must know the temperament of your pet before introducing pettypaws to them be careful not to push them too far too fast it's important to note that you must only use pettypaws on an animal you are familiar with do not put your safety at risk if an animal becomes aggressive stop using pettypaws immediately now we'll go over some easy techniques to get your pet comfortable with pettypaws as fast as possible step 1 bring your pet and the pettypaws into a room where they're most comfortable while the unit is turned off show the pettypaws to your pet and allow them to examine it try giving a treat and/or praise at this time as a means of positive reinforcement step 2 repeat step 1 but this time turn on the pettypaws and continue to praise your pet step 3 once your pet is comfortable with the sound of the pettypaws gently try and file one nail for no more than 2 seconds immediately praise your pet and give them a treat after a short break you may now try to file a second nail step 4 if your pet allows you to file one or two nails at a time they're doing great and you may now slowly try a full pettypaws pedicure remember to always praise your pet during this process until they're completely comfortable with pettypaws if your pet continues to resist even after extensive training you may need to be more firm step 1 hold your pet securely while showing them that there's nothing to fear have your pet lie on his or her stomach with their paws out in front of them step 2 reach under your pets front paw while resting your body on top of your pet remember this is meant to keep your pet stable so be very careful not to put any excess weight on your pet step 3 begin the pettypaws pedicure slowly while stabilizing your pet don't allow them to resist and they'll eventually realize that pettypaws is not hurting them and that it can in fact be quite enjoyable it's important to maintain control of your pet during this process and remember that you are in charge the more assertive you are the more comfortable your pet will become you can use this firm technique for the front or the back paws simply turn your pet around to trim the back paws remember this process can take time and patience but once your pet becomes comfortable they will love getting their nails trimmed with pettypaws now that your pet is comfortable with pettypaws let's go over the best way to use pettypaws on your pet to ensure a proper and gentle filing step 1 for all nail trimming sessions make sure you're in a place where your pet is most at ease such as a favorite bed or couch to make sure that the orange protective cap is screwed on securely before filing this will hold your pet's nail in place and collect the nail shavings that will come off of your pets nail step 3 now grasp your pets paw in between two fingers as shown two stand and support each now as you file step 4 gently insert a nail into the opening in the orange protective cap and only file each now for no longer than four seconds you never want to file off too much of your pets now for the first few uses be careful to only file enough to shape and smooth your pets nails you never want to file off too much of your pets nail in later sessions your pet snail will adjust and you'll be able to reduce the length of the nail more significantly step 5 remember to always shape and smooth the nail in a round motion filing both the top and bottom evenly on each nail step 6 repeat steps 3 through 5 for each paw and your pets nails will now be perfectly groomed after you and your pet have had several initial pettypaws pedicures you can try and get closer to the quick remember the quick is the area of the nail that contains the blood supply and is easily damaged by traditional nail clippers the pettypaws gives you enough control to go slowly enough to gauge how close you want to get to the quick on lighter nailed animals the quick appears as a darker area in the center of the nail if you can't see the quick easily you'll know you're getting close when you encounter a softer area of the nail while filing the quick is right behind this layer after each filing session the quick will begin to recede more and more and you'll eventually be able to trim your pets nails even shorter now that you're done trimming your pets nails turn off the unit and empty the filings do this by first removing the batteries to ensure your safety then unscrew the orange protective cap dump the filings from the cap into the trash and screw the orange protective cap back on wipe your pettypaws with a dry cloth and store it in a safe dry location away from children if you won't be using your pettypaws for an extended period of time leave the batteries out of the unit but if you plan on using your pettypaws regularly it is safe to reinsert the batteries from time to time you may notice the filing head of your pettypaws will become dull it's important to change the filing head when this happens to ensure a proper and gentle filing for your pet to do this follow these simple steps step 1 turn off pettypaws and remove the batteries before opening the orange protective cap step 2 unscrew the orange protective cap step 3 hold the filing head firmly between your fingers and remove the single screw on the top of the filing head with a Philips head screwdriver step 4 remove the old filing head and replace it with a new one do not reuse an old filing banned step 5 insert and tighten screw on the top of the wheel do not over tighten this screw to ensure proper function of your pettypaws unit step 6 screw on the orange protective cap and reinsert the batteries your pettypaws is now ready to file your pets nails easily and gently once again we hope you and your pet truly enjoy using pettypaws for years to come

24 thoughts on “Pedipaws Instructional Video

  1. This thing doesn't work for a big 100 lb lab with thick toenails.

    It took me eight minutes of grinding to take the tip out of his dew claw.

  2. I prefer just the regular dremel brand dremel ( battery operated ) you just have to know how to shape them right and not take too much off. I do my dog's weekly

  3. I bought it at a yard sale for 2 dollars and I cant even get my dogs nail in there and when I do it works for a mila second then makes a sound like its being hung up and his nail is barely touching it and it scares us both

  4. I'd like to see someone successfully use that thing on a cat. LOL. I bet the cat in the instructional video was given some happy pills before fliming 😉

  5. This only worked on my elderly dog who is 15 years old and doesn't give a shit but my other dogs that are 8 years old and 14months old want nothing to do with it! If rather pay 15 dollars to get em clipped at pet smart.

  6. I didn't think I could use this and not bleed to death from all the cat inflicted scratches, but my kitty actually likes this thing more than me trying to clip her claws.

  7. Thanks for the video 🙂 I just got my pedipaw yesterday my pet loves it and it cuts cost on taking him to be groomed I can do it myself from now on thanx 🙂

  8. @454667 if you're done and your pet leans to one side, you took too much off that side. Take a little more off the opposite side and try to be a bit more frugal next time.

  9. i just lay my 3 year old dachshund on her back and spread her toes out and she just lays there like it's not big deal! i give her a tiny piece of a treat after every nail when she begins to get a little squirmy sometimes i stand her up and play with her then go back to her nails…i like this product a lot! i'm just scared sometimes that i might go to far on her nails, but luckily that hasn't happened yet! my rottweiler on the other hand…he's a big baby! haha we have to resort the vet for him

  10. @Babybest001 Alkaline batteries and phillips screwdrivers aren't *brands*- they're types. You need that type because that's how the machine works. Phillips screwdrivers are also called plus heads. Lots of brands carry them. Same with alkaline batteries- Energizer, Duracell, and Kirkland signature all have alkaline batteries.

  11. ok, That is SOOOOO annoying! How come every instructional video for ANYTHING has this same girl! her voice gets soooo anoyying!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I was skeptical, but my dog has dark nails and HATES the clippers. I did the acclimation process but I did end up leaning on the dog as I did her nails. I make sure to do the trimming after her longest walk of the day and -before- feeding her dinner or treats, so she associates the process with something pleasant…even if she's not keen on the filing itself. I also try to wait until she looks a bit sleepy, although that's not always possible.

  13. Thanks a lot for your comments. This is exactly what I have been saying all along. The acclimation process is 3 part and many people skip the first two and go right to the 3rd andthen wonder why it doesn't work. Thanks again!!

  14. Wow. Look at all the ppl that have no clue how to follow SIMPLE written directions. If yours stops more than likely you pressed too hard!!! It's supposed to stop when you do that…as stated in the instructions. And if your dog is fighting it because you were too impatient to properly acclimate them to the sound, or it getting near their feet, then you need to return the product and go pay a groomer. Or learn to read directions properly. Wow. I use on all my foster dogs. No problems.

  15. @AeonBaller you dumb ass its not supposed to cut it in under 2minutes. the idea is it takes off a verry small amount so you dont go to far. I use this with my dog and it takes about 5-10 minutes and its more plesant for both of us.

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