Peanut Butter Chocolate Puppy Chow – Chex Mix Recipe

hi guys I'm Caroline and I'm Alejandra is fear making chocolate peanut butter muddy buddies it's a really simple super easy recipe perfect for a crowd just a few simple ingredients we start with a pinch of salt some butter vanilla semi-sweet chocolate confectioner sugar dark chocolate dreams some Czech cereal which we use a blend of corn and rice so let's get started okay so here we have our semi-sweet chocolate butter butter yep go for it put our page of salt and we're gonna do about 1/2 cup of dark chocolate dreams so it's chocolate and chocolate it's so delicious so all we're looking to do is just melt all these ingredients together and then we're gonna top it with our cereal mixture and that's almost completely done it's very very simple I love how easy that is oh that smells really good you got all that great chocolatey flavor so I'm going to turn this off add the vanilla there you go and here comes the part that's fun with a friend yes we're gonna add this chocolate mixture directly into the cereal you can also do this in a sort of a zip-top resealable bag that works well too but instead I just gonna give it a little hat and go hey why are you gonna shake all right check it out whoa perfect that's exactly what you're looking for guys that's awesome so I'm gonna add some confectioner sugar and this just makes it less steep and more Dilys yes and this is the same thing is puffy towel right it's exactly the same thing yeah I don't get it some people call it puppy chow some people call it money but it's but it's exactly the same thing awesome so now all I'm gonna do is just transfer this mixture onto some parts and or wax paper line sheets let it cool and then it's ready to eat no the set so cool this is gonna be an awesome bag so we've allowed our buddy buddies to rest just a couple of minutes they've firmed up just a little bit and now you get your hands a little bit less messy and there you have it chocolate peanut butter muddy buddies little bit of trash oh yeah Oh you gotta keep this stuff away from me so good we combined dark chocolate dreams with Chex cereal and came up with this awesome money buddy's recipe what other flavor would you love to give a try tell us in the comments below thanks for watching we hope you like this recipe and give it a thumbs up every week we cook up a new peanut buttery dish so subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don't miss a single one see you next time

18 thoughts on “Peanut Butter Chocolate Puppy Chow – Chex Mix Recipe

  1. White Chocolate Wonderful for sure!!  Also, Cinnamon Raisin Swirl would be worth trying.  I really think it would be so delicious.  

  2. Mmmmmm looks delicious!!! I would sub in white chocolate and use white chocolate wonderful peanut butter:-)

  3. The Heat is On.  Love the combo from your hot chocolate recipe.  I would also do half of the heat is on and half of CInnamon Raisin for a mole-esque mix.

  4. I like as much chocolate as possible, so I would use the Dark Chocolate Dreams or White Chocolate Wonderful.

  5. I would keep the recipe the same and stick with Dark Chocolate Dreams! I'm definitely going to try this; it's such a great idea.

  6. I like spicy so I would use The Heat Is On! ;). So, no need to use a double broiler to melt the good stuff? Alternatively, do you think the microwave would work since no double broiler is needed?

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