PCS Overseas with Pets (JAPAN)

a joke me you're the star okay this right here this is our boy banjo he is our family member and we love him and when we found out we were moving to Japan we we kind of got a short notice and we're like how are we gonna afford this the process is super complicated can we do it where do we start not bringing banjo wasn't an option for our family we love him he's part of our family and he's just the best guy ever he's just dude you used to push going over the whole purpose of this video is to talk about pcsing to a rabies free country with pets you're just gonna show right here and be a good looking boy the financial burden of bringing pets to Japan especially if you get a short notice could be like a make-or-break kind of deal for people bringing their pets and that's really unfortunate that you can't bring a family member on a big move with you because of money let's start with the process you've decided that you're going to bring your pet with you on your big move overseas to Japan Japan is considered a rabies free country and the process is pretty daunting because they want to remain at that status so they don't want people bringing pets and animals with rabies and stuff into their country the very first thing that you're gonna want to do is you're gonna want to get your pet microchipped and you have to make sure that it is a 15 digit is a microchip and basically that just means that it's internationally recognized you're going to need to get to rabies vaccinations so you're gonna get the first one and then 30 days later you're gonna need to get the second one once you've had that second rabies vaccination done you're going to need to get what they call a Faden f AV in blood test and that basically proves that your pet has enough of the rabies vaccination in their system to be okay to come to Japan on top of having your rabies vaccinations you also want to make sure that your pet is current and up-to-date on all their other vaccinations as well as being parasite free once you get the fav and results back and you get a green light to go that is when you can begin your 180 day quarantine process and you can continue that process when you come over to Japan as long as you're able to get DoD lodging until you get a home and as long as your home is on a military installation as well you can still continue that 180 day quarantine process however if you're not fortunate enough to get a house on a military installation there are options your dog will have to still continue to stay on a military installation there are in-home providers I know on Kadena Air Base there's caring kennels you can also contact the veterinarian's office on Kadena Air Base and they will help you in that situation if you need to find a provider for your pet no matter how you're getting to Japan when you're traveling with your pet everybody is going to need these documentation with them you're gonna need your rabies certificates sign with blue ink you're gonna need your fav and results and you're also going to need an international health certificate it says you're okay to travel and it has to be signed within ten days of your traveling period there are three ways to get to Japan with your pet and those three ways are a military rotater flight a commercial flight or a pet transport service no matter where your pcsing from it's your responsibility to get your pet from there to Seattle in order for them to get on the military flight when we made the move we used United Airlines and I highly recommend using them first things first about the military flight is just like you need a reservation your pet also needs a reservation those spots for pets on the flight are very limited so I highly recommend making a reservation as soon as possible it's important to know that the spot for your pet on the military flight is not free there is a fee and that fee is based on the size of your pet for us Banjo is considered a large breed animal and he was around 250 dollars depending on your final destination there might be lay overs and at these lay overs they will remove your pet from the plane and this is an opportunity for you to interact with your pet make sure they're okay take them to the bathroom those types of things upon arrival you will meet with the veterinarian services in the terminal and they will schedule your first appointment for your pet after that appointment you're gonna have to come in and do a check-in every 30 days until the quarantine process is over if you have to fly commercial you have to fill out an application to import and that must have be done at least 40 days in advance to arriving on the island once you get the approval on the application import you then have to fill out a notification to import which lets them know the day that you're going to arrive so that they can have the services set up to inspect your pet to be completely honest with you we didn't fly in on the commercial flight so I'm not entirely sure how that affects the quarantine process so that's something you'll definitely want to look into out of all the airline options I've heard that United is the most pet friendly and accommodating for international travel if you find yourself in the position needing to use a pet travel service there are options out there however Sara's pet paradise comes highly recommended for military relocations Sara's pet paradise is a company based out of Southern California and again it's your responsibility to make sure that you can get your pet there once they have received your pet they will prepare all the documentation they will do the health certificate and they will travel with your pet to its final destination nobody should ever be put in a position where they have to choose between their pet or a financial burden so if you find yourself in the position where you need financial assistance and getting your pet overseas there are resources available to you there is dogs on deployment and also SPCA International that give out grants to help military members bring their pets overseas let's talk about airline approved kennels real quick if your pet is flying cargo they have to be in a hard plastic kennel that has open ventilations on each side it also has to have a metal graded door you're also going to need to replace all of the plastic bolts with metal ones I know that traveling overseas with an animal can be overwhelming especially if you're coming to a rabies free country it's a big daunting process a lot of information to take in so I've also attached a lot of resources and useful links down in the description below to help you if you guys have any questions please don't hesitate to ask we are more than happy to help also if you haven't done so yet please check out our other videos about pcsing they might be helpful to you and kind of get an idea of what it's like to live daily life here in Japan

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  1. We just got orders to Okinawa and report in July which I heard is a super busy pcs time and also a bad time to fly with dogs. ?

  2. Hey, your videos are so helpful. My husband and I are PCSing to Japan very soon and we have two pets ( 1 dog and 1 cat). And I am freaking out because it is not an option to leave them behind. So I understand they have to get chipped (which they both are) but I have to check if those are acceptable. Then the rabies shots and the FAVN blood test. What I'm confused about is the 180 day quarantine. We live in an apartment off base so are we allowed to start quarantine in our home or did we have to live on base to be about to start quarantine?

  3. How did you get on a military rotator flight and schedule that? I am not sure we will be able to bring our 100lb Mastiff any other way 🙁

  4. Thank you so much for the information I appreciate it a lot I thought I couldn't take my puppy pitbull she's 6 months old and I can not leave her or sell her or do anything to separate her from my family I am having twins and she's always with my girlfriend and she's pregnant so I see how much she cares for her and the babies!!! I have a question tho I currently live in El Salvador and I wanna know if that effects anything!!! Please help

  5. I’m transferring to Japan, but i don’t h e a military vet anywhere close. The process is confusing as far as using a civilian vet.

  6. Thank you sooooo much for posting this video. My wife and I have been wondering about this process. We have a dog and 2 cats that have been with us for a long time. Is there a pet limit if you’re getting stationed in Japan?

  7. I am literally typing this through tears right now! We too are heading there on very very short notice and at this point the process seems impossible! Our family member is a 12 year old cat…

  8. Hi 🙂 I was wondering if anyone has any information on taking 3 furbabies to Japan? I have prepared some money on the side to ensure they all travel with me, but I know you can only have 2 animals on base housing. Does anyone have any advice on the process with multiple animals?…

  9. When you got off your flight from where you were, to Seattle, were you able to get Bango, or did they send him straight to the rotator flight. Sorry for all the questions, my base isn't very well informed on the pets processing. We are also bringing a cat with us.

  10. Were you able to pick what flights you wanted to do once you got the orders, or did they book it for you? This will be me and my wife's first pcs overseas.

  11. You have no idea how much less stress this video has made me feel. Of course there is still stress but this really helps

  12. Thank you for making this video! It is the most informative and interesting I have seen yet. Is it the same quarantine period for cats as well?

  13. This is usually a great product, well-built & great price. We bought 2 at https://goo.gl/5WgbLv for small dogs to make use of once we go away completely within caravan. Plenty of room to put their unique beds in them as well. Everyone loves this gadget and have absolutely not regretted buying it. Market price was great too – similar products while in the pet store were twice the charge.

  14. great video. Me and my husband got yokota for our first base and we have two fur babies. I was really worried about the 180 day quarantine. But since we are living on base then they can stay with us correct?. I can't imagine leaving them behind or in some kennel. They are my children essentially.

  15. Thanks so much for this! We're PCSing in January with (two kids) a 7 month old, and 3 yr old and our pet. What kind of kennel/travel cage etc do you recommend? It's our first time pcs'ing. I'm really nervous. We're going to Okinawa also.

  16. This was amazingly helpful! We just got orders today for misawa and I'm so worried about the process of getting our two fur babies over there.

  17. you videos and GOTTA Love video have been so helpful throughout this entire process for me being a new military wife thank you so much

  18. Lacey, I work for a major US airline. Let your members know that airlines do have embargoes when outside temperatures reach a certain level on the ramp. I do believe it is 85 degrees and the pet will not be able to fly for their safety. There is also a low temperature restriction of 45 degrees. We also have certain aircraft in which pets cannot be placed in the hold. There are steeper restrictions for snubbed nosed animals. This will be very important if military members are traveling commercially in this hot summer season. This only applies to checked pets and not pets in cabin. I hope this information is helpful and if you or any other member has any questions concerning airlines, please let me know.

  19. I have 2 German Shepherds and they are like our children. We also have a 2 year old son and all of us are extremely nervous. We just found out that we are being moved to Okinawa in November. Thank you very much for this video. It is very informative.

  20. Is the international health certificate for humans or pets? I thought this video was about pet travelling, but the way it is described in the video makes it sound like it is for humans.

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