PC3200C Convertible Pet Carrier // Product Overview // Saddlemen

Saddlemens PC 3200 is the perfect
carrier to bring Fido along for the day. Offering the strength and quality you
need to protect your pet on the road ride after ride. The PC 3200 has
multiple vents and access flaps letting you vent fresh air to your pet while
providing easy access. The spacious pet compartment includes a removable and washable bottom tray and resting pad for your pets comfort. The
front compartment includes food and water trays that stow away neatly. Also
included is a convenient liner bag with carry handles that let you store clothes
or cargo away from your pet or other bag contents. A sliding leash mount with
short internal leash allows pets freedom of movement while keeping them secured
in the bag. This carrier also comes with a long walking leash or pet pit stop. All
the exterior zippers are equipped with Saddlemen’s unique self-healing zipper
system which includes Chrome sliders attached to large pull tabs making it
easy for a hand or glove. You will also notice the holes located in the end of
each pull tab allowing them to be used in conjunction with a travel lock for
added security. Included are two mounting systems a Saddlemen’s versa mount seat
harness and an adjustable sissy bar strap system easily attaching the
carrier to your motorcycle seat luggage rack or sissy bar securing your precious
cargo. Quick disconnect mount two straps and sissy bar sleeve allow the carrier
to be removed from your motorcycle in seconds. Included is a plush backrest pad
you can position for your or your passengers riding comfort. Sturdy grip
handles allow for convenient carrying and the included backpack straps let you
carry it on your back with ease. The PC 3200 convertible pet carrier will be
sure to keep your pet safe and secure. You can pick one up for around that $200
mark. Saddlemen’s PC 3200 convertible pet carriers offer serious protection
for your pet in a stylish design with exclusive features and unrivaled
durability. If you want to learn more simply call email or direct message us
and one of our friendly and knowledgeable product specialists will
assist you selecting the perfect Saddlemen luggage
for your next ride. 800-397-7709 or [email protected]

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  1. What are the inner dimensions of this bag and what is the weight capacity for the pet? It looks like it only fits small dogs.

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