Paw Patrol Underwater Rescue and Superhero Movie!

Wow the water looks really nice today I should let the pups know they might like to go swimming boy that was a lot of fun flying but now it's time to go up the elevator hey pop it's really nice out today let's go swimming meet me at Marshall's changing room swimming right I love to swim cases on the cake it's got a plan come on Rocky yes swimming is so much fun rubble on the double what I'm scared of water I don't think I can swim rocky just give it a try you can do it I know you can you're right I should at least give it a try all right now let's change it to your scuba gear and take our boats out to the water Marshall you're up first all right let me take my clothes Marshall you're naked I wasn't ready yet put me back in put me back in there we go check out Marshall in this scuba gear it's red and light blue and looks really cool now for his super fast speedboat it's the color red and you can transform it by snapping the wheels like this that's so neat here you go Marshall now let's get the rest of the part my turn oh oops sorry here you go sky sky fingers guys finger where are you here I am Here I am how do you do you're being silly Skye you'll put on your scuba gear alright oh look how cute our air rescue pup is in her scuba gear she's pink and light blue and super adorable well what's this it looks like a seaplane with pink highlights Wow look we can transform the wings from landing to flying like this this plane looks great for air and water rescues off you go Skye oh it's my turn chase you turned into a cat chili chase alright that's better check out Jason is blue and light blue scuba suit I love the yellow stripe on this helmet it's pretty cool here comes cases blue pontoon rescue boat this would be great in lagoons and marshy areas you can transform the wheels for offroad missions – here you go taste go join the others I can't wait to dive in Dubai you can't swim in armor no matter how good you are oh I guess it's too heavy I'll be back in a jiff that's more like it I will love to be my scuba suit the orange and light blue make for an awesome color combo I'll bet these thrusters help them go extra back all right now let's check out his boat whoa a double hold racing boat it's the color orange this boat looks lightning quick with these awesome propellers in the back if even has transforming grappling arms for help on rescue mission these are really cool-looking it kind of looks like a crab here's your BOSU month rubble on the double what what did you do rubble you look like digit oh well I push the wrong button put me back in quit okay here you go that's more like it here's rubble in his yellow and light blue scuba gear he even has a black stripe on his helmet to cue well look at this it's a yellow underwater construction vehicle the scoop goes up and down and it can even articulate into two separate car you transform it by flipping the treads and now it's ready for some underwater mission here you go rubble I'm a little scared don't worry Rocky it'll be okay okay I'll give it a try Oh oh no I trust myself try ken rocky perfect now rocky has a scuba suit on and can join the rest of the pup but first let's check out his secret awesome look at that it's a green submarine it has arms that really move and in the back there's a rescue compartment to stow cargo you can transform it like this all right Rocky let's join the rest of the pups pop now that you're in your scuba gear and have your new ski craft when take to the water but dive in three knees go correct oh yeah look at me I can go to the bottom oh this is so much fun I get it what's right I'm doing left account police I'm coming in for alien trying carry rubble I'm gonna get you haha got you check catch me yes I can Yahoo whee what are you guys doing today we're going swimming sounds fun can I join sure just dive right in let me get my stupendous submersible submarine here and here I come oh no assembly I'm sinking captain turbot these are help i'll rescue on with my grappling arm here i come hold your breath captain turbot I'm almost there Oh No captain turbot fell out they can't get him that was me I'm just still down here we've got to help him we need someone with a vehicle compartment rocky you're the only one who can do it but it's so far down I'm scared you have to do it he needs your help come on Rocky we know you can do it you're right I've got this here I come I'm coming captain turgut open the hatch and climb inside to safety I got him but he's going to need CPR breathe captain turbot breathe you did it you saved me pup thank you so much no problem glad we could help and thank you rocky for conquering your fear to rescue me I couldn't have done it without the support of my friends and help from the rest of the paw patrol all right guys I hope you liked the video be sure to give it a thumbs up and I'll see you later bye look guys PJ masks sorry eating ice cream at the fair this is good we should get out more often but I think we forgot something oh no guys they forgot to lock up headquarters before leaving Hey and romeo's time to get in anybody home oh crap I better find another way in this door won't open stupid door ow oh you feeding feeding now for my plan B me up study now where did they hide my gadget hey a ball picture AHA here it is come here my precious now to use it on my moon mud is so sticky and sticky it'll make a perfect minion to do my bidding kinda light blue mud it's alive now I can do whatever I want and take over the world no yeah I gotta get out of here that about your family we are armed he came up we're on our own keep with that please get out super lizard if you get a mallet alright are you okay Oh first don't worry I'll get him or not oh now it's my turn no we need help call the paw Patrol that's a good idea meanwhile and it major Bates plus their plane I got it I hope they answer it sure is nice being the pups have hearts oh no my mission pad is menu it's a boy writer we need your help a monster is restoring our headquarters don't worry cat-boy we're on our way huh to the lookout there's a monster if you came at a skew they need our help paw patrol on a roll here comes rubble we've got it often drill machines it can break down any wall trouble is yellow rubble on the double next up is Marshall our fire pup and he's got a super cool fire refugee Marshall is red I'm fired up whoa wait Marshall now it's rocky turn he got you earth friendly recycle trust with the crane on the back rocky is dream three we good now for sky she's got a really cool motorcycle that can turn into an air rescue helicopter dive color is pink sideline here comes cake down the slide look at this awesome three-wheeled pleased by its super quality and ready for any emergency cake and clue chasers on the cake car laughs puff is duma he has a turbine powered speedboat and it offers oil and you might explore it let's dive in wait for me bucks all right puck it's turning for a paw patrol rescue hey what's that noise he's driving that paw patroller its Apollo I can't believe it's really you yup it's me alright and if we're going to fight that monster you're going to meet the superpower super powers just pop on my super paw patroller and it'll give you the power you need to stop that monster good luck you heard him pop let's go everyone load up 1 2 3 or five and [Applause] alright guys the pups are here it's time to meet the super pup paw patrol team whoa awesome bluish or super cage bad guys and evildoers beware red is for fire marshal let's turn up the heat pink is good hi hi let's make use with opportunity all right now for the other three pucks can't count how cool they look orange is cool Zoomer don't get in over your head 3-4 oh no super Ruffy are you okay yeah yeah I'm okay reduce reuse recycle no sports server let's rock and roll and now for writer check it out writers become Rough Rider super pup a symbol let's take a look at the assemble team super G fire marshal sky-eye humor super Ravi cat-boy unlock the door you got it oh no it broke the console we'll need another way in Boulder get us in sky-high rescue guess oh I'm on it it's open come on guys back off Rock day wait let me know what don't try uh let me untie you thanks guy hi no problem let's scram alright pups let's take care of business fire marshal you put out the fire everyone else let's stop the monster have a drink fire now you see me now you don't it's time to take out the trash haven't you ever heard of you cycling high yeah Hey look over here Oh not so fast hey rock face Easter's whoa it's bubble time dude that's it rebels heard in quick give me your pop back there this should do the trick I know he's getting up don't worry I got this hurry ah now to put this way along speaking up don't forget Romeo time to get you out of here fake I guess I'll be on my way not so fast you're going to jail ah guys we did it with the help of the super pups we stop the bad guys and save PJ masks thanks for the help always remember you are awesome bye

26 thoughts on “Paw Patrol Underwater Rescue and Superhero Movie!

  1. Rockys vehicle when he showed the compartment I just noticed I could stash popcorn in there and my mom will never know ?

  2. Cash loves this video! He has now moved all of his paw patrol out to the pool area to follow this story time haha

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