PAUSE CHALLENGE w/ Rebecca Zamolo for 24 hours! Squishy Food vs. Real Food (Game Master spy Wins)

– Hey ZamFam, it's Rebecca and I am back, and I'm so excited because
thanks to you guys, we stopped the event. So even though the RZ Twin escaped– – And she tried to replace you. – The Game Master said for
now we could back to doing our fun videos, which
I'm so excited about. And you guys saw that we did a Husband versus Wife Pause Challenge on the Matt and Rebecca Channel. And today, we are doing
another Pause Challenge, but adding a twist. Or should I say a lot of twists! You guys remember when
I spent 24 hours eating real food versus squishy
food, I had to pick a squishy and then I had to go and eat
the actual real food of it. Well, this is going to be
the exact same thing but Matt can pause me at any point
when I'm eating that food. – Pause! Unpause.
– Just like that. I'm kind of nervous for this,
but I think it's gonna be fun. And now, it's time to get some breakfast. So for breakfast, I
have the donut squishy, the milk squishy, and a croissant squishy. And we're gonna head to a donut shop to go and eat some breakfast. Let's go! – Be sure to stick around until the end because I'm going to be
pranking Rebecca so good! – Come on!
– All right, let's go. – We gotta eat breakfast! All right, I have my squishies, hopefully they have these foods inside and I can eat some breakfast. Okay, so I'm trying to match up the donut to ZamFam comment below. This one, the princess donut? Or the strawberry donut? I think I'm gonna get the princess donut. And it looks like they
have croissants right here. – Do they have milk?
– I see milk. – Perfect. – I'm not really even
supposed to have milk. But I'll do it for the challenge. Okay, so here is the squishy donut, here's the real donut. Squishy croissant. Real croissant. – They look really close.
– So big. And then we've got this milk and this, I'm probably not gonna
drink that much of it because I don't really drink milk, but I gotta do it for the challenge. Okay, so what should I start with first? – I think the donut. – Okay, so this is the
princess donut, you guys. You remember I spent
24 hours in a dollhouse and this is the kind of
food we had at tea, Matt. – Oh. – Yeah, and Ro was there,
Carter Share, Lizzy Share, Kurt Hugo Schneider, it was crazy. And all of the foods we
were like little pastries. Mm!
– How is it? – Really good!
– Pause! How is it?
– Hmm? – Interesting face to pause on. Okay, unpause. – Oh! It matters when you pause. People are probably looking at us like we're so weird right now. I'm testing all this stuff
first to make sure I like it. Time for the milk. Squishy food versus
real food, it's so good. – Pause! – Matt, oh my gosh, I'm covered. Matt, I didn't even
want to drink that much. – Let's get out of here. – Oh my gosh. Okay, I need to change now. I guess it's good since I'm
still in a onesie in public, I should probably change. – Come on! Pause! – Is anyone coming? – Yes, a guy. Okay, okay. Unpause. Oh no, Bec. Come on. Pause. – Babe, no, the slime's in my hair. Get it out. Unpause me! Unpause me, Matt, seriously. – Unpause, unpause. – Ah!
– Oh no! – There's a chunk, there's a chunk! – Oh, it's staying! It's staying, it's staying, it's staying. – Matt! – Oh no, oh no! – Oh my gosh! – No!
– Matt! How do you get this out? How do you get slime out
of your hair like this? You have to, like, fully shower. No, no, no, no, I'm fine, I'm good. I'm good! Oh my gosh, okay. If you see blue chunks in
my hair, it's just slime. No big deal. And now, I'm going to have a snack because this is the Pause Challenge: Real Food versus Squishy Food! A banana, banana. And then I think I'm gonna
get something to drink. I'm gonna have some pop. If you guys call it pop, comment below. I call it soda. – I grew up calling it pop.
– Matt calls it pop. So what do you guys call it? – Rebecca, the slime's on the table. – It's okay. By the way, comment below
how many squishies you have, I think especially
because of the challenges, I think I have like 20. And smash a thumbs up
if you like squishies. So here's my banana squishy. This one's weird, it kind
of feels like it has, like, lube inside, it doesn't
feel like a normal squishy. Try it, Matt, feel this. Look, it's got a weird material. – Oh, it feels like sand. – This is a squishy food,
here's the real food. 24 hours and I eat the banana
and I'm gonna take a bite 'cause I love it. Mm.
– Pause! Hold on. Let me see this for a second. – Matt, what are you doing? – Stay there, Bec, stay there. I have an idea. Okay, banana. – What?
– Yes. You okay? – I can't move, Matt. – Oh, yeah. Unpause! – Matt, Matt, what is that? It's so hot. What is that? It's so hot. – You remember I said I was
gonna get you back yesterday? – Yeah. What is that, hot sauce? It's burning my tongue. My tongue, my tongue's going numb. – You should probably
get something to drink. – I need a soda. I'm getting the soda. Oh! – Do you have soda? – Yeah, my tongue is on fire right now. Comment below if you like spicy food. I do not. – Pause. I'm gonna take this out. That's right, Rebecca. – What is that, what is it? What are you getting,
what are you getting? I can't see what you just got. What is that? – Okay, let me show everybody here. – What is it, what is it? – Stay paused. Three, two, one. And unpause. – What is that? Oh! Matt! Oh my God! That's not the challenge! – It is the challenge! Pause. Here you go. Unpause. – Matt, Matt, you can't do it. The challenge is Real Food versus Squishy Food Pause Challenge. – Pause. Ah, this is the best! – Matt, seriously? – Okay, unpause. Just want to get out of that situation. Pause! Screenshot this right here. You wanted to do the Pause
Challenge for 24 hours. Unpause. Do you feel a little better now? – All right, comment below
if you did screenshot that. I guess I'll have to check
and see who tagged me on Instagram now. Oh! – No, no, no, no, no! – Oh, who has the remote now? Pause Challenge just turned
into Husband versus Wife. – What?
– Pause! Matt's paused. I'm kind of switching up this challenge. I saw the Morgue's one, I
saw Lucas and Marcus do it. But you know what I did not see, I did not see anyone do pushups. So, Matt, do some pushups. We'll see what happens. Unpause. Pushups, Matt. You gotta do it. – No.
– You gotta do it. – No!
– You have to. – That's not part–
– Pause! Do you want me to unpause you? You have to do five pushups. – Okay.
– Unpause. Five pushups. You can wear socks! – I can't, I slip around
when I do pushups. – Pause. Oh Matt, how does that feel? How does that feel? Aw, are you gonna keep pranking me? – No, I'll stop, I'll stop, I'll stop. – What other foods did you get? – Come on, Becca! – Say what other foods you got. – That's all I have, that's
all I have, I promise. – Unpause. – I'm weak. Okay, I'm fine, okay. This is your Pause
Challenge, it's not mine. – Well, you added things to it. I have hot sauce on my banana, which I can't eat now, because
I don't like hot sauce. I tried to have a drink of soda. I drank lemon juice. But guess what? I've got a lot more delicious
things to have today. So I'm ready. So it's lunchtime and I
decided that I wanted a hot dog for lunch because Matt– – Squishy
– Hot dog squishy. So I am trying to make a hot dog. I don't really make them, how
do you know if they're ready? – That's ready! – That's ready?
– Yep. – Okay, do you want one, Matt? – I'm chill. – You sure?
– Yeah. Do you need ketchup or
mustard or anything? – What does the squishy look like? – The squishy has a little bit. So it has a little bit of mustard. – Okay, well I'm adding a bit of ketchup. – What?
– I love ketchup. I thought we could go
up on the roof and eat. So you guys know, I've done
24-hour challenges on the roof. We dropped Hatchimals, ah, this is leaking! – Oh boy. – Let me do it like the squishy. – Oh! Rebecca. – I'm not good at baking. Okay, there. That's good. All right, guys, let's
go up onto the roof. Blackjack's excited for this. – Yeah! It's a little windy today. – It is windy. – Oh no, it rained up here. Rebecca. My socks! – Not me! I got my Crocs. Crocs and socks, Crocs and socks. Okay, so I have my squishy hot dog and I have my regular hot dog. – And we got Peanut over there. Pause Peanut. – Don't pause me just yet,
Matt, 'cause I'm really hungry. Mm. While we're having lunch, ZamFam, I just wanted to thank you guys, again, for helping us defeat the Quadrant. I cannot believe it, it's crazy. And now we're going back to these videos, the Game Master is taking a break, he's not talking to anyone on YouTube. So, that is awesome because that means that there's nothing wrong right now. Yeah, you guys saw that
she tried to replace me and pretend she was me. Hopefully you guys know that was not me. You guys, comment below what you think she's doing right now. Matt, what do you think she's doing? – Maybe she's waiting
for the perfect moment? – Yeah, true. I just hope she's not around here at all. – Pause! This might be the best one yet. – Uh-uh, uh-uh. – This right here. You can kind of see what it is. In Spanish they call this lengua. – Uh-uh. What is that? No, uh-uh, uh-uh, uh-uh! – Here you go. Unpause, unpause! – Oh my gosh, Matt, get that away. Oh my gosh. – Do you know what that was? – No, what is that? I need a real hot dog. – It's a cow heart. It's a cow heart. – Guys, DM me ideas to prank Matt. This is not cool. This is taking Pause Challenge
to a whole other level. I just wanted a 24 hours with Real Food versus
Squishy Food Pause Challenge. Like, no. I can't even look at it,
it's making me nauseous. Did you guys know that he was doing this? Matt. I have this squishy right here. And I have these chocolate
covered strawberries. Do you see that? And I do not want Matt to go and ruin this because I'm very excited to have these. They match perfectly, too. So you guys know, I love
a good 24-hour challenge, especially when it's Real
Food versus Squishy Food. Adding the Pause Challenge
to it makes it so much harder because you don't get
to eat the good foods. So right now, I am eating
chocolate covered strawberries because I want to. Right, Blackjack? You can't have any because it's chocolate. I'm setting it down because
my arm was getting tired and I want to finish this,
so I have to finish this bowl before Matt finds out
because I really wanted chocolate covered strawberries. – Pause!
– No! – What does this say? – Sardines, no, Matt. No, no. – This is more like the
Anticipation Pause Challenge. – No!
– Let me put a napkin here– – No, Matt! No, just let me finish one. – Oh, they're huge. They're giant. Oh!
– Matt! – Don't spill it everywhere! – No, no! You guys, smash the thumbs up button if you feel sorry for me right now. Don't.
– Like a little fish. – No! – Unpause. You gotta do it! Don't spill it, don't spill it. – I can't, I can't, I can't. Matt! How did you know I was doing it? – I've been eyeing those
strawberries all day. – You're not getting it. This is my challenge, like you said. This is a bad idea doing Pause– – Pause! You still have some sardines left. – No, no, no, no, no, no! – Now it's on your nose. Enjoy! – No, you didn't unpause me. – Unpause! – I'm unpausing. All right, so it is actually
late in the evening, I have not had dinner
yet, I'm very hungry. I'm about to get a
cheeseburger and some fries. And I'm going to also
be getting some dessert, some squishies. Matt actually forgot the remote, so he's running in right now. You guys know Matt has
been messing with me this whole Pause Challenge,
so I was thinking that what I could do while I
was eating my ice cream, when I get unpaused I take
it, I smash it on him. Oh, Matt!
– Hey! – Hey!
– It's a full moon tonight. – It's a full moon. Okay, so we are off to get the last of the Squishes versus Real Food! Okay, we're in line
ready to make the order. – We actually weren't in line, we're just pulling up so
late, there is no line. There's a line behind us. – There's a car waiting for us. – How can I help you? – Yeah, can I get a cheeseburger
with no pickles, please? Medium fries. Could I get an ice cream cone today? – Matt, pause. Okay, unpause, that person is
gonna be really mad behind us. So here we are, I've got this. I've got my fries. Wait, Matt, they didn't
give the ice cream. – Guess we have to go back? – Matt! Ugh! Okay, so I guess we're gonna go back now for the ice cream cone
because we don't have it, even though we ordered it. Oh no. – You liking it? – Yeah, I'm just eating it. – Pause.
– Matt! No, no, no, no, no. I'm hungry. No! – All right, guys, this is caviar. – No!
– It's fish eggs. – No, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, Matt, don't. No, no, just give it to me. No, don't ruin my burger! I'm not eating that. Matt! You eat it! That's not cool. You guys, comment right now what you think is the worst pause that
I've had to do so far. I would have to say the
heart was probably the worst. But, honestly, the sardines,
that made me nauseous. – Sometimes you've
gotta get the heart out. – Matt, that's a clue. That's how Daniel and
I got out of the room. Comment below if you
guys remember that clue. And the grand finale, the Squishy versus Real
Food Pause Challenge. We got the ice cream cone, we went back. Mm, it's so good. – Oh, no, no, no! Pause! – That's what you get. I'm unpaused. – No, you're not. – It's been a long day. Unpause me!
– Okay, unpause. – All right ZamFam, and
that concludes the 24 hours of Squishy Food versus
Real Food Pause Challenge. – Pause. Let me move this a little
bit closer to your face. – Pause Challenge! Thanks for watching. Make sure to turn on notifications if you haven't subscribed! Smash the thumbs up
button and comment below what Pause Challenge
you want us to do next. Love you, Zamfam, and
we'll see you next time!

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