10 thoughts on “Patricia McConnell: “The Not So Secret Life Of Dogs” | Talks at Google

  1. Terrific talk, but I have to object to the stuff about left/right tail-wag bias. While the bias shown was "significant" in the strictly mathematical sense, and therefore academically important, it was of no practical relevance at all to owners and trainers. The dogs were more likely to wag one way than the other by a tiny percentage, utterly INsignificant in the everyday use of the word. I.e. they were almost as likely to wag the opposite way. Do not bother looking for which side the tail is wagging on; it will not tell you anything about the dog in front of you. Sadly, the science of dog behaviour is plagued by such overenthusiastic grasping, and I predicted that this sort of misrepresentation would happen, as soon as I saw the original study.

  2. It’s really important to not reward your dog after they’ve engaged in an aggressive behavior. It’s called “behavior chaining.” If your dog looms over another dog, acts aggressive, or on the offensive, do not offer rewards after the behavior, in any form. They will start to connect the behavior to the reward, whether that is attention or a toy, or play or a reward.

    By the way, her book, ‘On the other end of the leash,’ is worth reading.

    And for training check out, ‘Ruff Love.’

    Fantastic book that is based in positive reinforcement and operant conditioning.

  3. Not sure about the hug thing….I don't very often, but my three Collies don't get stressed at all about it

  4. This is soooo complicated for nothing ! I've had dogs all my life, and they were all so good because I just loved them and they trusted me . That's all a dog needs, to feel loved , accepted , respected and then they trust you and would die for you ! None of all that psychological mumbo jumbo for intellectuals or analytical people. It's a lot more simple than that ! Plus i find all those experiments so cruel , just to satisfy humans but the animals are being used and mistreated. There's not need for that . These people say they love animals? No they don't! They want to prove how smart they are by studying their behavior and receive this title and make money out of it ! But they don't really love them .

  5. What is this? Kindergarten? Trigger warning beforehand showing two dogs staring each other down over food?

    To quote C3P0: “We’re doomed.”

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