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Hi, I’m Mike Shumate mate director of Pasco County Animal Services and today I’d like to introduce you to our department and share a little bit about our Animal Services team and the services we provide our community Animal Services is a department of the public services branch of Pasco County We’re the only municipal animal shelter operating in Pasco County our facility is located in Land O’Lakes Just behind the oak stead subdivision off State Road 54 Here we operate in an adoption center coordinate animal control operations issue County pet licenses house and care for domestic animals who find themselves lost straight abandoned Surrendered by their owners, or are part of a variety of animal control investigations Our mission at Animal Services is to ensure the health and safety of people and pets in our community by encouraging responsible pet ownership through education legislation and providing incentives to sterilize pets There’s a lot that goes into fulfilling that mission every day and your Animal Services team is dedicated to Providing the best service possible to all the citizens of Pasco County whether they’re people or pets What do we do on a daily basis to fulfill that mission quite a lot as you’ll see First we operate a managed admission shelter with a goal of saving ninety percent of the animals who come through our facility for years Pasco County operated a high kill shelter It was how most municipal shelters operated, but our community no longer wanted high kill shelter so in 2012 our Board of County Commissioners listened and Decided to make a drastic change in the way our County Animal Shelter operated They voted to adopt the save 90% program With a goal of saving the lives of 90% of the adoptable animals that came into our shelter The impact of that program has been tremendous our euthanasia rate has drastically Reduced in our live release rate or the number of animals that left the shelter with positive outcomes Has improved significantly? For example in 2011 our live release rate was only 34 percent That meant that 66 percent of the animals that came into the shelter were euthanized The next year when the save 90 percent program was adopted the live release rate rose to 52 percent In 2017 we recorded an overall live release rate of 87 percent Which means we routinely save over 90 percent of the dogs that come into our shelter and 80 percent of the cats We are continually reaching out to our community and rescue partners to help us find good homes for all the homeless pets in Pasco Together we will achieve our goal of save 90 percent Humane education is one of the keys to responsible pet ownership, and ensuring the safety of people and pets We often have team members visiting schools homeowners associations and other community groups The more we get the word out about pet safety and responsible pet ownership The more we can fulfill our mission to ensure the health and safety of people and pets in our community In reaching our 90% goal. We promote pet adoptions as well as fostering and pet transfers to our rescue partners We adopt out between two and three thousand pets each year Prior to adoption all of our pets are vaccinated sterilized and microchipped we have an excellent medical team who work very hard to ensure the health of each animal as it comes into our shelter and to maintain their health while here in Addition we try hard to socialize pets to help with their interactions with both people and other pets One of the tools we use is called playgroups Dogs are pack animals So we provide them opportunities to socialize in groups and just be dogs They can do this at the shelter and play groups and when they get to attend one of our Pasco Park walks at one of our local Pasco County marks You’re welcome to join us and meet some of our available dogs Fostering pets is a vital part of our adoption process We often get puppies and kittens at the shelter that have been abandoned and are too young to survive on their own We try hard to place them with foster care families until they reach adoption age The shelters just not the environment for young ones to thrive as their immune systems are not strong enough And they’re still too young to vaccinate Fostering a pet can be a fulfilling experience so fulfilling and many of our foster families become foster failures That’s actually an enduring term We use when the foster parents become so attached that they adopt their foster pet as part of their family We call it a foster failure, but in reality. It’s a big win for everyone involved especially the puppy kitten dog or cat that gets adopted I Mentioned rescue partners we’re grateful for the rescue organizations that help us to find homes for our pets Sometimes they help out with dogs that need more behavior training or for advanced medical care Many of the stray pets have a rough time being adopted simply because they’ve never known a good home environment or have been provided responsible pet care That’s where rescue partners really help by taking these pets and spending more time with them to place them in the appropriate homes Reducing pet overpopulation is another important element of our save 90% program Over breeding pets is a serious concern in our community to help prevent the over breeding of pets Pasco County has the snip snip stands for spay neuter in Pasco We have nine area veterinary clinics participating in our snip program And they support both our low-income pet sterilization program and our trap neuter vaccinate and return program known as TN VR If you qualify for the low income program, you only have to fill out an application and pay a small copay You will receive the approved hour to take to one of the participating veterinary clinics schedule your pet surgery We also offer a trap neuter vaccinate and return program for feral and community cats No application required just pay a minimal copay And you can schedule the cat with one of the participating vets the cats. Do have to come in in traps Trust me your neighbors will appreciate your efforts Sterilization and rabies vaccinations are important components to reducing feral cat populations in neighborhoods throughout the county One of the most important services we provide in the community is animal control Our animal control officers are out in the neighborhoods every day talking to our fellow citizens about their animal issues and needs They investigate a host of animal related incidents such as abandonment cruelty or neglect cases nuisance complaints reports of stray dogs hoarding cases and provides support for both law enforcement and fire rescue incidents Anytime there are issues with animals we go out to support them and take the animals in if necessary our animal control team consists of one field services supervisor one training officer a humane investigator five certified animal control officers and one rabies control officer serving over a half a million citizens and covering seven hundred and forty-seven square miles Brady’s control is always a concern in our rapidly developing county animal bite investigations have risen from 1194 2011 to 1469 in 2016 this is because there are a lot more people in our county and a lot more interaction with animals our rabies control officer averages 120 to 130 bite investigations every month Fortunately there have been no cases of human rabies But rabies is always a threat and is the reason pets in Florida are required to remain current on their rabies vaccinations The more we grow is accounting the more we displace wildlife Raccoons are the largest carrier of rabies in our county And they often interact with other animals including outdoor pets That increases our pets possible exposure to rabies minors Pasco County does require current rabies vaccinations and licensing for all dogs and cats our pet licensing program accounts for a major source of our department funding through the municipal service fund Animal Services operates all of our programs on an annual budget of approximately 2.5 million and generates revenue of approximately eight hundred and seventy-five thousand through adoption fees licensing citations and donations Animal Services operates with 39 employees and a host of dedicated volunteers We also have an inmate work program Our Pasco County Sheriff partnered with us for this program the inmates come out every day Monday through Friday They clean kennels do various work projects around the shelter and also receive training from our animal behavior coordinator They’re able to utilize their new skills to Socialize the shelter dogs and help prepare them for adoption For some of these dogs. This is the first line of contact with people and Our inmate team really makes a difference with these dogs It’s another win-win By the way, did I mention our fantastic volunteers? We couldn’t do what we do at the shelter without them They’re out at the shelter every day providing love and comfort to our pets walking dogs socializing dogs and cats Taking them to events helping potential adopters cleaning cages and so much more There are big health with off-site events as well And you can find them riding in the tail Waggin which is our mobile adoption Vehicle the tail Waggin can be seen at many local events and helps us promote adoptions in 2017 our 263 active volunteers logged over thirteen thousand eight hundred hours of service they do an amazing job And we can’t thank them enough Well, that’s a quick introduction to the animal services story. Thank you for watching and please Spay or neuter your pets and make sure they’re current on their vaccinations and licensing oh And please consider becoming a volunteer Or adopting a pet from our shelter. Thank you

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